BPD Seek Public’s Help in Efforts to Identify Motor Vehicle Wanted in Connection to Hit and Run Accident in Roslindale

BPD Seek Public’s Help in Efforts to Identify Motor Vehicle Wanted in Connection to Hit and Run Accident in Roslindale: At about 11:50pm, on Thursday, May 21, 2015, officers from District E-5 (West Roxbury) responded to a call for a hit and run accident involving a pedestrian in the area of Washington & Walworth Streets. On arrival, officers observed a male victim, believed to be in his early twenties, suffering from what appeared to be life threatening injuries. The victim was transported to Brigham & Women’s Hospital for further treatment.

The Boston Police Department is actively investigating the facts and circumstances surrounding this incident and is asking for the public’s help in efforts to identify a motor vehicle seen in the area at the time of the accident. Investigators are looking for additional information relative to a 2005/2006 white Infiniti G35 sedan with a sun roof, blue HID headlights and possible front end damage. 

Anyone with information relative to the vehicle pictured is asked to contact District E-5 detectives at (617) 343-4566.

Community members wishing to assist this investigation anonymously can do so by calling the CrimeStoppers Tip Line at 1 (800) 494-TIPS or by texting the word ‘TIP’ to CRIME (27463). The Boston Police Department will stringently guard and protect the identities of all those who wish to help this investigation in an anonymous manner.

Boston Police and the Kids from Teen Empowerment Promise to Keep Working Together to Make Our City Better

WORKING TOGETHER: On Wednesday, May 20, 2015, Commissioner William Evans, Chief William Gross, Deputy John Brown and the kids from the Center of Teen Empowerment gathered inside the Media Room at Boston Police Headquarters to highlight and celebrate the relationship that exists between the kids of Teen Empowerment and the men and women of the Boston Police Department. For the past several years, our officers and the kids from Teen Empowerment have been meeting on a regular basis to grow the relationship, build respect and discuss strategies to make our city the safest city it can be. Said Commissioner Evans: “When people ask me what makes Boston special, I say it’s because of programs like Teen Empowerment. I can’t praise these kids enough. They’re difference makers and doers. They care about our city and they’re not afraid to get involved with the process of making it better. These kids have taught us a lot about the power of positive dialogue and we’re proud of the partnership we have with them.” Said Chief Gross: “Thanks to the relationships that exist in Boston and the one we have with Teen Empowerment, we’re at the forefront of showing folks how you can do things peacefully and respectfully. Good things happen when people talk. As long as we respect each other and listen to each other, we can work together in hopes of bringing this city together, both the police and the community.”

The Center for Teen Empowerment has sites in Roxbury, Dorchester and Somerville. At each site, Teen Empowerment hires a group of youth, ages 14-21, and trains them as community organizers, providing them with the support and resources needed to effect change and better their community through initiatives that involve both youth and adults.

To learn more about Teen Empowerment – please click on the enclosed link:


R.A.D. Training Classes Set to Start June 1st on District D-14 in Brighton

RAD Training Classes Set to Start on District D-14 in Brighton: If you're a woman interested in learning more about self defense or how to best defend yourself in the event of an attack, officers from District D-14 in Brighton - in conjunction with the Oak Square YMCA - are accepting applicants for a 4-week class scheduled to begin on June 1, 2015. To learn more, please contact District D-14 at (617) 343-4376.

BPD In The Community: Officers Invited To Play In A Soccer Game At Dorchester School

Earlier this week, officers assigned to District C-11 (Dorchester) were invited to play a game of soccer against young students from the Edward Everett Elementary School.  The officers were challenged by Mr. Steve Pecci,  the school’s gym teacher, to compete against some of his best and brightest talent.   It was a game that saw more laughs than goals but turned out to be a victory for all nonetheless.  


Keeping Boston Safe: Inaugural T.E.R.T. Training Takes Place in South Boston

Last week, members of the Boston Police Crime Scene Response Unit (CSRU), along with members of the Boston Fire Department, participated in a week-long training exercise at the MBTA training facility in the old Broadway T station in South Boston.

Using Federal grant funding, officers and firefighters came together to take part in the first ever T.E.R.T. Training (Tactical Emergency Response to Terrorism) in which first responders respond to a terrorist attack on the subway system. The training center is an abandoned subway station that was turned into a state-of-the-art training facility and opened in 2013.

During the training, a sound machine within the facility blasts officers and firefighters in the underground subway with the sounds of emergency alarms and a screaming, panicked crowd. Giant fog machines and dimmed, flashing lights throughout make visibility nearly impossible at times. Through all these distractions, firefighters and officers must work hand in hand to keep their composure and not only rescue victims, but preserve and process the crime scene as well. Said the CSRU supervisor:

“This training is an example of how the old ‘police versus fire’ mentality is slowly being replaced by a new realization that in a post 9-11 world, especially one where Federal funding is dwindling, inter-agency cooperation is required.”

MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Boston Police Commissioner William Evans Announces the Boston Police Department and Community Teen Empowerment Partnership

WHAT:         Since 1992, Teen Empowerment has worked to challenge both youth and police to acknowledge the stereotypes that they have of one another and to begin replacing these stereotypes with positive relationships based on mutual respect, understanding, and communication.

Today, members of the BPD and Teen Empowerment will announce a summer plan to increase and improve upon the strides that have been made in the relationship over the past year during which the two groups have worked in close partnership with each other to counterbalance the negative news emanating from other parts of the country.

WHO:            Boston Police Commissioner William Evans, Superintendent-in-Chief William Gross, Deputy Superintendent John Brown, and members of Teen Empowerment

WHEN:          Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 4:00 PM.

WHERE:        Boston Police Headquarters Media Room, One Schroeder Plaza, Boston, MA 02120

CONTACT:    Media inquiries may be directed to Boston Police Department Office of Media Relations (617) 343-4520.

Boston Police Deputy Superintendent Nora Baston to be Recognized as an Outstanding Woman Leader at the 22nd Annual New England Women's Leadership Awards

On Wednesday, May 20, 2015 the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester will be honoring Boston Police Deputy Superintendent Nora Baston at the 22nd annual New England Women’s Leadership Awards at the Seaport Boston Hotel at 6 PM.

Since 1992, the New England Women’s Leadership Awards (NEWLA), have celebrated the accomplishments of women in the community. NEWLA honorees are role models for the young members at Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester; sharing their challenges and leading by example, the honorees teach young members the importance of determination, compassion, self-confidence and giving back to the community.

“Building trust and forming relationships with our young people is what makes the Boston Police Department so successful and special,” said Commissioner William Evans. “Whether on the basketball court or organizing a youth/police dialogue, Deputy Baston continues to inspire and be a true role model for the youth of this city. I congratulate Nora on her award.”

For more information on the event, please visit http://bgcdorchester.org/newla/

BPD Photo of the Day: Officers Participate In Road To The Right Track Fitness Program In Brighton

Boston Police officers from District D-14 in Brighton give some fitness instruction to local youth as part of the Road to the Right Track (RTT) program.  RTT is a track program for youth in Allston-Brighton. Every Saturday, youth between the ages of 10-18 meet to work out on some of the college and university tracks in the Allston-Brighton Area. The practices consist of proper stretching along with dynamic warm-ups as well as distance work-outs and sprint work-outs. The Saturday work-outs are year round and are only one hour per week. The main purpose of these sessions is to encourage proper work-out habits.

Along with the weekly work-outs, the group meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month for a Team Meeting. The Team Meetings have a different speaker with a different topic each month. Each topic is chosen to assist members of the team in making good life choices.

Daily Dose Of Great Police Work: Community Service Officer Solves Back Bay Paper Caper

For months, District D-4 (South End) has been receiving complaints of newspapers being stolen from stoops in the Back Bay.  Officer Richard Litto who is assigned to the Community Service Office at D-4 identified and arrested William Joseph Marion, 53, of the Pine Street Inn, in connection to these nuisance larcenies after he personally conducted a thorough and lengthy investigation. 

Leading up to the arrest, Officer Litto obtained video surveillance from two residents that showed Marion in the act of stealing newspapers and peddling off on a bicycle during the early morning hours before sunrise.  Officer Litto also deployed a trail-cam, commonly used by hunters, in an effort to capture additional footage of this annoying thief.  He contacted the newspaper delivery companies to make them aware of this chronic problem and advised them to be on the lookout for anything suspicious. 

Finally, at about 6:00 AM on Thursday May 14, 2015, Officer Litto got a tip that his target was peddling through the Back Bay and up to no good.  A short time later Officer Litto was face-to-face with Marion and his bag, full of newspapers affixed with address labels in the Back Bay.  Further investigation revealed that Marion was wanted on an outstanding warrant for two other larceny cases out of West Roxbury District Court.  He was promptly arrested and booked.

To many people, the theft of a newspaper seems like a small loss. But to an elderly resident who depends on getting their news by reading their daily paper, it’s a very big deal, especially when it’s been going on for so long with no relief in sight. D-4 is one of the busiest districts in the entire city but officers still take the time to address quality of life crimes that impact our friends and neighbors in the community.


Justice Served: Lynn Man Convicted in 2012 Dorchester Murder Case

Today, Monday, May 18, 2015 at Suffolk Superior Court, 31-year-old George Ortega of Lynn was found guilty of Murder in the First Degree and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm for the shooting death of Steven Fuentes. The incident occurred in front of 19 Leyland Street in Dorchester on May 24, 2012, and Fuentes succumbed to his injuries at Boston Medical Center almost three years ago to the date. 

This conviction comes as a result of professional crime scene management by Boston police officers and the Crime Scene Response Unit, meticulous investigation on the parts of the Boston police homicide detectives, thorough preparation by the ADA, and brave testimony by officers and community members. The sentencing of Ortega will take place on Wednesday, May 20, 2015.


Data includes 72 HR PERIOD beginning Friday @ 10AM through Monday @ 10AM

Homicides: 0
Nonfatal Shootings: 1
Nonfatal Stabbings: 1

Street Robberies: 10
Commercial Robberies: 1
Bank Robberies: 0
Other Robberies: 0

Vehicle Thefts: 9
Vehicle Recoveries: 6
Vehicle Breaks: 12

Residential Break-ins: 18
Commercial Break-ins: 1 

Note: The information above is preliminary information, and should not be considered official crime statistics. The information is based on an initial review of incident reports and may not be a comprehensive listing of events. It is not a statistical analysis, but rather an initial tally of significant events.

One Less Gun: Officers Recover Two Firearms as a Result of Feuding Neighbors in Mattapan


Beginning at about 5:05 PM on Sunday, May 17, 2015, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) responded three separate times to radio calls for a group fighting in the area of 845-849 Blue Hill Avenue.

After twice restoring peace in the above area, officers received a radio call at about 6:50 PM for a person with a gun. As officers approached the scene, they observed a group on the sidewalk move quickly up the front steps and into the building. Officers entered the open door and gave chase to the group of fleeing males who matched the suspects’ descriptions. The officers pursued the suspects to the second floor, through an apartment to an open door leading to the back stairwell. The officers followed the sound of running footsteps down the stairs and out the back door where they observed a young male panting and sweating heavily near the bottom of the steps. The officers observed that the male was attempting to conceal a blue backpack behind his feet. Despite the suspect adamantly denying ownership of the bag, officers frisked the backpack and felt what appeared to be a firearm inside. A search of the bag revealed one loaded black Thompson Super 14 rifle and one loaded black and brown Smith & Wesson 357 firearm.

Upon discovery of the firearms, officers held all parties on scene for further investigation. Review of surveillance video showed the above 15-year-old juvenile suspect carrying the blue backpack while other parties put items in or removed items from the bag. After viewing the video, receiving witness statements, and through officer observations, officers brought four individuals to the district station for interviews.

Further investigation led officers to arrest the above 15-year-old juvenile male from Dorchester for Delinquent to wit: Unlawful Possession of a Firearm (2 counts), Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and Carrying a Loaded Firearm on a Public Way (two counts).

A second 15-year-old juvenile male of Dorchester was arrested for Delinquent to wit: Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (Gun), Threats, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm (two counts), Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and Carrying a Loaded Firearm on a Public Way (two counts).

Nineteen-year-old Christian M. Brown of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and Carrying a Loaded Firearm on a Public Way.

A fourth individual was identified and released.

Closing Time: BPD Officers Arrest 9, Recover 3 Firearms As Nightclub Closes

At about 2:03 AM on Sunday May 17, 2015, officers assigned to the Youth Violence Strike Force while on random patrol observed a large gathering of known gang members in front of the Bijou Nightclub located at 51 Stuart Street.  Officers remained at a distance while performing low profile surveillance of the crowd when their attention was drawn to two men standing across the street who were later identified as Randall Mastin, 19, of Dorchester and a 16-year-old juvenile of Dorchester.  It appeared that the young men were also monitoring the crowd while attempting to remain unnoticed.  Officers observed both suspects clutching at their waist bands and believed them to be carrying a firearm. As officers approached they saw the demeanor of both men intensify as they quickly began to look back and forth while continuing to grab at their waistbands.  When officers got close, both of the suspects attempted to run and two violent struggles simultaneously broke out.  One officer was able to quickly subdue the juvenile male after a brief foot chase and bring him to the ground where after gaining control of him, the officer removed a loaded Kel Tec .380 ACP handgun from his waist band area.  As that was happening, Mastin was attempting to push past officers and pulled out a loaded Taurus 9mm handgun which fell to the ground during the struggle. Mastin proved to be a challenge for the officers as it took in excess of five minutes to place him in custody with three officers sustaining minor injuries. 

Randall Mastin is charged with Unlawful Possession of Firearm, Carrying a Loaded Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Firearm (second and subsequent), Possession of Ammunition, Resisting Arrest, Disturbing the Peace and Assault and Battery on a Police Officer (Causing Injury).  Mastin is also charged with receiving stolen property after a check of the Taurus firearm revealed that it had been stolen from Union City Police in New Jersey.

The Juvenile male is charged with Unlawful Possession of Firearm, Carrying a Loaded Firearm, Possession of Ammunition, Resisting Arrest and Disturbing the Peace.

At about 2:25 AM, a short time after the two males were taken into custody, officers from all across the city were called into action to monitor the area in an attempt to prevent the crowd which had gathered during the arrests of the two armed suspects, from turning violent.  While officers were on scene and plainly visible, a wild fight broke out in front of the Bijou Nightclub.  Motor vehicle traffic crawled to a standstill on Tremont Street as a large group of young men pushed, punched and kicked each other in a violent affray which spilled out from the sidewalk and onto the street.  Officers were able to quickly gain control of the volatile situation, placing six suspects in custody and dispersing the angry crowd that had continued to grow and gather around the combatants.  One officer sustained a minor injury during the chaos and was transported to a local hospital by ambulance for treatment. 

The suspects were later identified as: Luis Moran, 25, of Boston. Hassan Taft, 20, of Mattapan.  Melvin Jones, 32, of Roxbury.  Tyree Draughn, 23, of Roxbury.  Lance Gerald, 27, of Malden.  Anthony Haskins, 33, of Boston.  All are charged with Affray and Disturbing the Peace and will appear in Boston Municipal Court.

Then at about 2:42 AM as the crowd continued to disperse, officers assigned to the Youth Violence Strike Force observed several known gang members fleeing the area on foot and learned that one of the men, Mario Barros, 26 of Dorchester, may be armed with a gun.  Officers followed Barros to 830 Washington Street where they approached and attempted to pat frisk him.  When an officer felt a gun on the suspect, a struggle immediately ensued but officers were able to prevail, taking a .22 Caliber Smith & Wesson handgun out of the suspect’s waist band while placing him in custody.

Barros is charged with Unlawful Possession of Firearm and Armed Career Criminal (third subsequent) and will also appear in Boston Municipal Court.

In all, nine were arrested, three firearms were recovered and responding officers were able to contain and control what was a volatile and dangerous situation.

Daily Dose Of Great Police Work: Officers Successfully Apprehend Barricaded Suspect Armed with a Knife


At about 3:38AM, on Saturday, May 16, 2015, several officers assigned to District C-11 (Dorchester) confronted and arrested a violent, armed suspect after a struggle at a group home on Bellevue Street. Initially, officers believed they were responding to a call for a simple altercation but when they arrived on scene, they quickly learned that the suspect, later identified as Moises Calderon, 23, of Dorchester, while armed with a knife, had barricaded himself in a room after violently attacking his wife and her friend. Officers made contact with the suspect who stated that he would not go to jail without a fight and threatened to stab the officers in the neck if they attempted to arrest him. Through a small hole in the locked door, officers could see the suspect aggressively waving the knife in a menacing manner and even cutting himself with the blade while continuing to yell, scream and threaten the officers. Showing and invoking equal parts bravery, restraint and creativity, officers utilized a fire extinguisher to break down the door. With the door breached, officers promptly activated the extinguisher in an effort to distract the suspect while the sergeant on scene discharged less lethal beanbags to strike and stun the suspect. Officers then quickly pounced on the suspect, disarming him and placing him in custody after a violent struggle. The suspect and an officer were transported to local hospitals for minor injuries incurred during the incident. The outstanding efforts of the responding officers most certainly highlight and underscore the heightened level of restraint which resulted in the capture of an armed suspect without having to resort to the use of deadly force.

The suspect will appear in Dorchester District Court on charges of Assault and Battery, Assault and Battery - Domestic, Assault By Means Of A Dangerous Weapon (Knife), Assault By Means Of A Dangerous Weapon (Knife) - Police Officer, Resisting Arrest, Breaking And Entering, Malicious Destruction of Property and Strangulation.


BPD Photo Of The Day: Officers From Bike Unit Receive Blessing During Ceremony In Copley Square

On Friday, May 15, 2015, members of the BPD City Wide Bicycle Unit took part in a blessing of the bikes event alongside one hundred other community cyclists at Trinity Church in Boston’s Back Bay. Reverend Laura Everett, one of the event organizers, teamed up with the Boston Cyclists Union, Reverend Nancy Taylor from Old South Church, Reverend Patrick Ward from Trinity Copley Church, and Abbi Holt from Hope Central Church to administer the blessing.  Everett said the ritual for blessing bikes has been a tradition at a church in Jamaica Plain for the last five years but this year they partnered with Trinity Church on Copley Square so that clergy could have a larger, more public space for the ceremonies.  Reverend Everett blessed the officers and their bikes stating, "Bless, protect and guide this bicycle.  May love be always in your heart and wind be always at your back."

In the City of Boston, cyclists age 16 and under are required to wear a properly fitted safety helmet while operating a bicycle in Boston but the BPD asks and encourages all riders to wear one - especially when cycling on our busy streets.   

In addition to wearing a helmet – consider the following Bicycle Safety Tips:

  • Obey all traffic laws. Whether riding a bike or driving a car, the rules of the road are the same for both so be sure to obey all traffic signs, signals and lane markings.
  • Go with the flow. When riding, ride with traffic, not against it. Whether riding a bike or driving a car, the rules of the road are the same for both.
  • Yield and be respectful to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. When entering a large intersection where there is no stop sign or traffic signal present, slow down and look to see if the way is clear before proceeding. This also means yielding to pedestrians who have already entered a crosswalk. 
  • Be predictable. Ride in a straight line, not in and out of cars. Be predictable in your riding and signal your moves well before you make them. 
  • Stay Alert at all times. Watch out for potholes, cracks, wet leaves, storm grates, railroad tracks or anything that could make you lose control of your bike. All these hazards can cause a crash.
  • Hear it before you see it. Don’t wear a headset when you ride. You wouldn’t ride with a blindfold so why ride with headphones. The more you can see and hear, the safer you’re going to be.  
  • See and be seen. Whether daytime, dawn, dusk, foul weather or night, you need to be seen by others. Always wear neon, fluorescent or other bright colors when riding during day or night. Also wear something that reflects light, such as reflective tape or markings or flashing lights. Remember, just because you can see a driver doesn’t mean the driver can see you.

Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Officers Assist in Finding Lost Dog

Now for a “tail” with a happy ending!

In what could have been a tragic story, we learned yesterday of a community that banded together to find a small dog that had run away from his dog-sitter on Wednesday evening in Roslindale.

Nabil Aidoud had just returned home from work with the miniature pinscher he was watching for a friend, Vera, when he accidentally bumped open the front door. Vera made a dash for the door with Nabil in hot pursuit. As Vera darted and juked her way across the busy streets of Roslindale, Nabil followed behind, unable to catch the 7 lb. pup. For two hours, Vera evaded Nabil, while Nabil pleaded for help from people on the street to assist in finding Vera.

The community of Roslindale answered Nabil’s plea. Neighbors joined the search, Nabil posted fliers, and others reported updates when they caught a glimpse of Vera. Nabil and his neighbors searched until the wee hours of the morning to no avail.

The next day, Vera finally found her way into the sight of two Boston police officers on patrol in Roslindale. Officer Jason Palmer, with the help of detail Officer Alberto Santiago, was able to coax Vera into his arms and return her safely to Nabil. 

“Whether you own a dog or are a dog lover, anyone would have done the same thing,” Officer Palmer stated modestly.

Said Nabil, “It’s a great example of neighbors and volunteers with local police coming together to make a real difference for someone. We see it all the time—missing dog. But when it happens to you, it’s one of the worst feelings. My wife and I are very grateful and so are Vera’s owners; and now I know all these wonderful neighbors in our little hamlet of Roslindale who helped us out of the goodness of their hearts.”

Commissioner Evans Remembers Officers Killed in the Line of Duty on Police Officer Memorial Day in Boston

Police Officer Memorial Day Honored in Boston: Back in 1962, President John F. Kennedy established by law that the day, May 15th, would forever be recognized as Police Officer Memorial Day. According to President Kennedy, the day would forever be used to honor and remember police officers killed in the line of duty while protecting and serving the citizens of our fine country. Additionally, it was JFK’s hope then, and remains our hope now, that the day would further be used to express gratitude and appreciation for the dedicated service and courageous acts performed by law enforcement officers all across the nation. Today, May 15, 2015, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans and Pat Rose, the President of the BPPA, laid two wreaths at the BPD Memorial in honor and recognition of all police officers killed in the line of duty. Said Commissioner Evans: “The work done by the men and women of the Boston Police Department on a daily basis never ceases to amaze me and makes me proud to be part of one of the most honorable professions in America. On this day, I give thanks to all of my officers for their courage, dedication and continued devotion to the people of our fine city.”

Statement from Boston Police Commissioner William Evans on today’s verdict in the case against Dzohkhar Tsarnaev

Statement from Boston Police Commissioner William Evans on today’s verdict in the case against Dzohkhar Tsarnaev:  “It is my sincere hope that today’s verdict will bring with it a significant level of comfort and solace to all hurt, harmed and impacted by the attack on our Boston Marathon back in April of 2013. While no decision will fully erase or help us completely forget the horror and pain suffered by so many on that fateful day twenty five months ago, it is our hope that each passing day will bring with it an enhanced level of comfort. The job of a juror is never an easy one especially in a case of this magnitude but those who served on this jury should know that the men and women of the Boston Police Department not only appreciate the time and efforts that went into today's decision but we also support the decision made. Regardless of how you feel about the death penalty, today was also about sending a message. And, the message sent is one that says terrorism in our city will not be tolerated. In closing, our thoughts and prayers remain with families of Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, Lingzi Lu and MIT Police Officer Sean Collier.”