Correction to published Media Report

On Friday, February 24, two incorrect locations were listed in a chart illustrating several shootings that have occurred within a specific geographic area in District B-3.Below is a listing of the locations in question, along with the correct locations 1/8/06 shooting listed as occurring at Hosmer St (victim residing at Clarkwood St). There has been no shooting documented on Hosmer St or Clarkwood St on 1/8/06. The only shooting that has been documented as occurring that day is a triple shooting that occurred at 244 Kelton St, District 14. A shooting that occurred on 2/16/06 is reported as taking place at Clarkwood St. The incident took place at 60 Clarkson St in District C-11, placing it outside of the Triangle area mentioned in the accompanying article. The Triangle area that is referred to in the article is indeed an area of the City that is among the hardest hit by violent crime, and we appreciate any effort to bring attention to the criminal behavior that is negatively impacting these residents. However, it should be noted that since 11/16/05 there have been no reports of people shot within that Triangle area. UPDATE: For clarification, the issues identified above were limited to a graphic accompanying the referenced article. While no shootings were documented on Hosmer Street or Clarkwood Street on 1/8/06, Boston Police did respond to a report of shots fired on Hosmer Street on that date that resulted in apparent ballistics damage to a motor vehicle.