Loud Party and Alcohol Arrests in Brighton and South End

Last night at 12:50am, officers from District 14 responded to a loud party call at 1999 Commonwealth Avenue. Despite the weather conditions, which were snow and low temperatures, the officers discovered a beach party on the sixth floor. The officers observed people entering the lobby wearing shorts, and bathing suits. The Boston officers along with personnel from Boston College observed 39 people leaving the building as they responded to the sixth floor. Once in the apartment, the officers saw red plastic cups of beer, three empty 30 packs of Ginny Light Beer, along with empty bottles of Bacardi Rum, Jim Beam, and Rubinoff Vodka. All three residents were under 21-years of age and were arrested for being Keeper of a Disorderly House, and Minors in Possession of Alcohol. The following people will be arraigned in Brighton District Court on Monday: Jameson Lyons, 20, Benjamin Yun, 20, and Matthew Ginsberg, 19, all three reside in Brighton.Seven minutes earlier, officers from District 4 responded to 1025 Tremont Street on a report of loud music playing. On arrival they were met by Northeastern Police who stated they have just witnessed sixty to eighty young people fleeing out the rear door of that building. When the officers approached the door they could hear music playing and smelled marijuana coming from the apartment. The officer knocked on the door and an unknown male opened the door witnessed the officers and attempted to slam the door in the their faces. The officer placed her foot in the door and asked him if the apartment was his. The male admitted it was and the officer told him to turn the music down. The suspect asked why and became uncooperative. At that time, a group of people left the apartment with red cups containing beer. On female in the group looked at the officer and started drinking the beer in front of her. The officer asked the suspect to stop and put down the beer. The suspect refused the officers request and was then arrested. Elyse Van Auken, 18, who resides in Boston, will be charged with Possession of an Alcohol Beverage under 21. The resident of the apartment, Richard Morris, 21, was arrested and charged with Procuring Alcohol for a Minor. They will be arraigned in Roxbury District Court. At 4:04am, officers from District 14 responded to 41 Orkney Road on a report of a loud party. As the officers were approaching the residence, they could hear loud music coming from the basement of 41 Orkney Road. About 30 people were observed in the basement and about 50 people upstairs. Officers seized four kegs of Bud Light and arrested the three renters of the apartment. The following people will be arraigned in Brighton District Court on Monday: Ian Watt, 21; Seren Ozcan, 20; and Griffin Bach, 20 who were all charged with Procuring Alcohol for a Minor, Possession of Alcohol being Under 21, and Keeper of a Disorderly House.