Robbery Bulletin: Boston Common Parking Garage Robberies (District A-1)

garage_mar06.gifWithin the past week, two women have been robbed and assaulted while walking in two different stairwells at the Boston Common Parking Garage. In both incidents, while waiting in the stairwell, the suspect grabbed the victims and pushed them against a wall. The suspect told the victim in the first incident that he is a junkie and needs money for a fix. The suspect appears to be getting more aggressive, utilizing a kitchen knife as a weapon in the latest incident. The suspect in both incidents was described as follows: Black male, age 35, 5’10”, 175-200 lbs., thin-medium build, scruffy beard, large gap between upper front teeth; wearing blue pants, tan construction boots, black jacket, dark knit cap. Individuals from the area have reported to police that the suspect frequents the area of the Boston Common. View the attached PDF file for more information. View our posting offering tips on ensuring your personal safety