Daily Incidents for May 26, 2006

Women Arrested After Nail BrawlLast night around 8:27pm officers in District 11 responded to a radio call for four women fighting at 261 Bowdoin Street. Upon arrival officers observed two women fighting inside the nail salon. As the officers attempted to break up the fight, one officer sustained scratches on his neck and arm. One of the suspects stated to officers that she was speaking Spanish to her cousin when the other suspect told her to speak English. The two suspects began to argue and a fight ensued. One of the suspects stated to officers, “I accidentally took my shoe off and hit her with it after she punched me.” Both parties were placed under arrest. Nakeisha Prichard, 20, of Boston was charged with Assault and Battery, Resisting Arrest and Assault and Battery on a Police Officer also, Sonia Pina, 20, of Boston was charged with Assault and Battery. Two Arrested for Oxycontin Last night around 9:30pm officer from the District 6 Drug Control Unit observed a drug transaction in the area of the South Bay Mall. Arrested were Mathew Melluso and Christopher Lawrence, both 19, of Boston for Distribution of Class B. Officers seized five Oxycontin pills, pill cutter, cell phone and cash. Man Arrested After Shots Fired About 1:35am this morning officers in District 1 responded to a radio call for shots fired at 62 Boylston Street. On arrival witnesses stated to officers that they heard four gunshots coming from the parking lot at Lagrange and Tamworth Streets. The witnesses gave the officers a description and officers arrested Richard Sylvester, 41, of Boston and charged him with Unlawful Possession of Firearm, Firearm Discharging within 500 feet of a Dwelling, Possession of Class C and Destruction or Injury of Personal Property. The officer did recover a firearm, four green tablets and one blue tablet from the suspect.