Still First in the Nation

Since we launched last November, we’ve heard from many other police departments who've asked us how they can start their own blog. One of those agencies was the Los Angeles Police Department. After some conversations with the people at, the LAPD launched their own Blog a few weeks ago. Check it out. We think it’s very well done, and so do a lot of folks in the media, from the LA Times to the London Times.Some of our readers have since informed us that various media outlets have been quick to anoint the LAPD blog as “the first to emanate from the police force of a major US city." To our amusement, this included one of our own local newspapers, who covered the LAPD launch and listed “Police from Karnataka, India, to Eden Prairie, Minn, (who) have started blogs and say they are happy with the results,” neglecting to mention the Boston blog in their very own backyard. Which led to the question - who really was the first? For those of you keeping score, BPDNews was launched in November of 05. So far as we can tell, this makes us the first law enforcement blog anywhere (we apparently beat Mangalore, India, by a few weeks.) If you know of an official police blog that was launched sooner, please let us know. Till then, we’re happy to be known as the First in the Nation.