Daily Incidents for June 9, 2006

Revere Man Gives 5 Grand to StrangerA 63-year-old Revere man received a phone call from an unknown person impersonating his nephew who stated he was in trouble and needed $8,500. The victim agreed to meet his nephew’s friend at a T station to give him $5,000 in cash. The friend met the victim and the exchange was made. The friend, Charlie, said that the victim’s nephew would be along shortly, but he never arrived. When the victim went home and called his nephew who lived in Florida, the nephew stated he knew nothing about the phone call. Four Arrested for Vandalizing 13 Cars Last night at approximately 2:44am, officers responded to a radio call for vandalism in progress at Kilmarnock Street and Park Drive. Officers spoke to a witness of the incident who stated that two white males and two white females were walking up the street and kicking the side mirrors off of multiple cars. Four suspects who fit the description were found and positively identified as the suspects. Sasha Cohen, 20, Brandon Graeter, 23, and Abraham Pieciak, 22, all of Roxbury, and Megan Donovan, 19, of Nashua, N.H., were all arrested on vandalism charges. Officers seized a shoulder bag from Cohen that contained two side rearview mirrors. A total of 13 vehicles were damaged in the incident.