Daily Incidents for July 6, 2006

A New Way to Prevent Your Car From Being TowedOfficers in District 2 responded to a call for an investigation on Seaver St. Upon arrival the spoke to a Tow Truck operator who stated that while he was in the process of towing a motor vehicle a female came out of the building and entered the motor vehicle as he was lifting it with his tow truck. The truck operator then stated that another woman exited the building with her child and placed the baby in the motor vehicle. The female then began to argue with Mr. Sobers telling him that he cannot tow a motor vehicle with someone in it. After speaking to all parties, the officers instructed the tow truck driver to release the vehicle and let all parties go their separate ways. Don’t Argue with the Police Especially when you are wrong… About 11:35am on Tuesday, Officers in District 4 at Tremont St. and Winter St. observed a green American truck proceed though a crosswalk while pedestrians were attempting to cross, causing some of the pedestrians to jump back out of the street. As suspect drove through the crosswalk, he began to yell out of the window at the pedestrians "Its a green light". When the officer issued the driver a citation, he became very irate and verbally abusive to the officers. Suspect was advised several times by the Officers that he could appeal the ticket through court and that he would need to get into his vehicle and discontinue the irate behavior. When officers walked away to assist another civilian that was requesting assistance, the operator exited his vehicle and continued to follow the officers in an aggressive manner stating that he was not leaving while demanding in a loud and unruly tone that he was not done with the officers. He continued to yell at the officers, eventually drawing a crowd and causing traffic to slow. Suspect was given one last warning, and then was placed under arrest for disturbing the peace, and his vehicle was towed. Miracles Sometimes Don’t Happen On Wednesday at about 10:04am officers in District 11 responded to the Bank of America, 618 Dorchester Avenue for a person attempting to pass a stolen check. On arrival officers were informed by the bank manager that 23-year-old Myracle Grigsby, of Dorchester, attempted to cash a check for $4,000 explaining to the teller that it was a birthday gift from a friend. The negotiable instrument was reported stolen and Ms. Grigsby was placed under arrest.