Goslin Appointed Acting Police Commissioner

On Saturday, July 1, Superintendent in Chief Albert Goslin officially became Boston’s 39th Police Commissioner. He succeeds Kathleen M. O’Toole, who resigned her post effective June 30, 2006. Commissioner Goslin will serve as the City’s interim Commissioner until the appointment of a permanent Police Commissioner by Mayor Thomas Menino.Commissioner Goslin is a 38-year veteran of the Boston Police Department. and has served at almost every rank in the Dept. Prior to his appointment Goslin served as Superintendent in Chief, the highest-ranking uniformed officer in the Department. Beginning in April 2004, he served as the Superintendent of the Bureau of Internal Investigations. In November 1998, Goslin became captain in Area B-2, a post that brought him in close contact with religious leaders, community activists and business owners as the neighborhood worked to reduce crime. As Commissioner, Goslin pledges to maintain the Department’s commitment to Community Policing, and will ensure that the Department continues its focus on violence reduction.