Daily Incidents for July 9, 2006

Fugitive Arrest in Stolen CarWhile on patrol, officers in District 2 observed a stolen motor vehicle at the intersection of Dudley and Warren Streets. Jose Guante, 46, of Dorchester was arrested and charge for Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle and Carlos Hernandez-Diaz, 39, of Mattapan was arrested on an outstanding warrant for Fugitive from Justice out of Jersey City Firearm Arrest at Talbot Avenue and Millet Street After stopping a motor vehicle for a broken left rear view mirror at Talbot Avenue and Millet streets at 7:33pm members of the Youth Violence Strike Force notice a strong smell of marijuana emanating from the motor vehicle. Officers observed numerous roach’s in the ashtray. Dorchester residents Khayree Horton, 19, was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of Firearm and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition. Also arrested was Percy Jerome Palmer, 19, on a Probation Violation Warrant. Officers did recover a firearm from the suspect.