Daily Incidents for July 11, 2006

Ignorance of the Law is No ExcuseAbout 5:00 PM on Sunday, 7/9/06, an officer in Dorchester observed a silver Toyota speeding on Woodruff St. The officer activated his blue lights and siren behind the Toyota in order to bring the vehicle to a stop, but the operator refused to stop his vehicle and continued traveling. After a radio request for assistance, the officers blocked the Toyota in place. The suspect was removed from the vehicle and admitted that he was aware that the police car was behind him for "about three minutes" but that he was unaware of the law that required him to pull over and stop. A search of the motor vehicle revealed a recent citation for Refusal To Stop For Police. Suspect was arrested and transported to District 2 where he was charged with Refusal to Stop for Police and cited for Speeding. Good Samaritan on the Common About 8:00 AM on Sunday, 7/9/06, Officers responded to a call for a robbery in progress at Arlington and Boylston St. On arrival Officers were met by the victim who stated that as she was walking through the Boston Public Garden, an unknown male grabbed her handbag and ran towards Arlington St near Boylston. Suspect was tackled by witness who recovered the handbag for the victim. Suspect fled down an alley in the direction of Berkeley St. Officers searched area with victim to no avail.