Statement from Commissioner Albert E. Goslin

“I firmly believe the vast majority of the officers in this department do their jobs faithfully and with integrity. To serve as a Boston Police officer is a privilege, and any individual who would take advantage of that privilege by engaging in criminal activity is a personal insult to me, and each officer who puts on a Boston Police uniform every day.For approximately three years, the Boston Police Anti-Corruption Division, a unit specifically assigned to investigate allegations of criminal activity by a member of the department, has worked side by side on this investigation with Federal authorities. I would like to personally recognize the hard work and dedication of the officers assigned to the unit, as they are presented with the difficult task of investigating our own. Through our continued partnership with the FBI and their willingness to support the Boston Police Department, we were able to cooperatively conduct a thorough and exhaustive investigation, resulting in last week's arrests. The hardworking, honest and dedicated members of this department will continue to conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism, and patrol this City with pride in an effort to keep our streets safe.”