Operation Wash-Up II Strikes Again

Today members of the Boston Police Drug Control Unit, Youth Violence Strike Force and District C-11 are pleased to announce that an additional 11 individuals have been apprehended in a pre-dawn sting. As a result of Operation Wash-Up II, these fugitives were responsible for a number of crimes ranging from but not limited to Armed Robbery, Assault & Battery with a Deadly Weapon and Larceny.Acting Commissioner Albert E. Goslin stated, “Thanks to the officers who worked tirelessly on this initiative, a total of 41 dangerous individuals have been removed from our community.” Goslin adds, “Designed to attack crime in the area of Codman Square, the successful ongoing execution of this Operation is intended to send a clear message that we will not tolerate those who prey on our neighborhoods.” At 5:30am this morning teams of officers began a sweep, arresting eleven targets. A prior Operation Wash-Up II sting conducted on July 18, 2006, resulted in the arrest of 30 individuals and 6 search warrants seizing drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, and ammunition. That early morning sweep also recovered additional amounts of drugs and drug paraphernalia as well as a fully loaded Tanfoglio 9mm handgun and an additional 188 rounds of ammunition. Operation Wash-Up II is an ongoing initiative focused on the apprehension of individuals with outstanding arrest warrants. Operation Wash-Up II was launched on April 28, 2006, as a response to community complaints of increased violence and drug dealing in the Codman Square area of Dorchester. For the next two months, police made a series of undercover drug buys and in doing so identified key players and locations that would become targets of the investigation. During the course of the investigation search warrants were executed on five locations: 32-34 Millet Street, 590 Washington Street, 353 Columbia Road, 12 Lyndhurst Street and 51 Colonial Avenue. Drugs were seized and arrests were made at these locations. At the conclusion of the undercover investigation, evidence was presented to a Grand Jury resulting in Superior Court indictment warrants and Dorchester Court arrest warrants being issued against fourteen individuals.