Police Arrest Jamaica Plain Kidnapping Suspect

At about 6:00pm this evening, officers from District 13 responded to a call to assist another officer conducting an investigation at School and Amory Streets in Jamaica Plain. When the officers were clearing from the assist, a witness at 56 Boylston Street stopped the officers and reported that a 13-year-old male from Jamaica Plain was grabbed and forced into a vehicle. According to the witness, the vehicle traveled down Boylston Street the wrong direction. The operator of the vehicle exited the car, grabbed the victim’s by the arms, placing them behind him and forced him into the rear seat of his motor vehicle. The suspect then fled from the area toward Centre Street.The officers on scene provided a description of the vehicle that the suspect fled in with the victim. Further investigation by Detectives brought them to the address where the car was registered while officers interviewed the victim. The victim reported to police that he was running away from the police when he was stopped by the suspect, forcibly taken off his bike and placed in the suspect vehicle. The suspect told the victim he was under arrest and began asking the victim questions while he drove from the scene. When the victim asked the suspect to produce a badge, the suspect dropped the victim off in the CVS parking lot unharmed. Investigators from District 13 located the suspect at his residence in Roxbury. After questioning the suspect and identification from a witness, police arrested Raciel Carbonell Bolano, 28, of Roxbury. He will be arraigned tomorrow morning in the West Roxbury District Court where he will be charged with Kidnapping and Impersonating a Police Officer.