Boston 24: A look at the last 24 hours in the City of Boston.

Significant incidents reported to the BPD, from Thursday, 9/7 thru 10 AM Friday, September 8.Homicides: 0 Non-fatal Shootings: 0 Firearm arrests: 0. Street Robberies: 9. Two purse snatchings in A-1 (see below) Commercial Robberies: 0 Auto thefts: 11. Auto recoveries. 13 Larceny from motor Vehicles (motor-vehicle breaks): 16 Residential break-ins: 10 Commercial Break-ins: 0 Note: the information above is preliminary information, and should not be considered official crime statistics. The information is based on an initial review of incident reports and may not be a comprehensive listing of events. It is not a statistical analysis, but rather an initial tally of significant events. Some of the incidents included may be covered in more detail in other blog postings. Two Purse snatchings in the North End (A-1) About 12:22 a.m. on Friday, September 8, 2006, a female victim stated that while opening her apartment's hallway door an unknown white male suspect snatched her purse. The victim chased the suspect toward Commercial Street before he ultimately got into a car and drove away. About 12:30am on Friday 9/8/2006, officers responded to a radio call for larceny in progress at 50 Salem St. and met with a female victim who stated that an unknown white male grabbed her purse from behind her while she walking into her building. After a brief struggle he fled down Cooper st. A Search of the area was made to no avail. Protecting yourself against purse snatchings/ street robberies: The theft of purses is almost always a crime of opportunity. Your chances of this happening to you can be greatly reduced with the careful consideration of the following prevention tips: · When in a restaurant, if you choose to your purse under your chair then put the leg of your chair through your purse strap, your purse will then be a considerably less accessible target · Do not hang your purse on the back of a chair and out of your sight. · Do not put your purse down on the ground and/or leave it unattended · If you must carry a purse, carry only the items that you need and never large amounts of cash · Always be cognizant of your surroundings and walk with confidence and purpose · Walk in well lit areas and avoid walking close to areas which would allow a thief to hide in an entrance way or behind a parked car · Carry your purse close to your person, preferably in front, don’t wrap your purse strap too tightly around your wrist or shoulder, you’re likely to get hurt if a thief were to grab it forcefully If a thief approaches you, remember that it is best to just let it go. It is not worth being injured by resisting.