Daily Incidents for September 15, 2006

Victim of Robbery Vindicated by Arrest of SuspectAt approximately 2pm yesterday officers from District 2 responded to a radio call for a suspect of a robbery at 69 McGreevey Way in Roxbury. On arrival officers spoke to the victim who reported having been robbed a couple days ago by the suspect. Victim reported suspect robbed him inside his house when he tripped and as the suspect assisted him in getting up removed from his person several pieces of jewelry, $200, and 4 bottles of cologne. The suspect, Ivan Cuevas, 32, of Quincy, who was still in possession of the four bottles of cologne, was arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery. Officers Investigating Residential Alarm Discover Victim Shot in the Foot Yesterday around 6:47pm officers from District 2 investigating a residential alarm in the area of Coleus Park in Roxbury heard several gunshots in the area of Lawrence Ave. and Magnolia St. Officers responded to that area and there located a victim in the rear of the Martin Luther King School suffering a gunshot wound to the foot. The victim reported while standing in the area of Greenheys St. and Magnolia St. a white minivan with unknown occupant(s) pulled up to him and fired three to four shots at him striking him. Ballistic evidence was recovered from the scene. Victim Shot with Non-Life Threatening Injuries Outside Bar About 11:27pm on yesterday officers from District 2 responded to a radio call for a person shot in the area of Norfolk St. and Shirley St. On arrival officers observed a male later identified as the victim limping away from the scene, bleeding from his leg. The victim spoke to officers and reported that he woke up on the street and discovered he had been shot. The victim was transported to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. Officers recovered ballistic evidence from the scene. Suspect Arrested after Firearm Recovered Officers from District 3 patrolling the Franklin Hill Development area of Dorchester yesterday around 11:40pm observed three individuals trespassing in the housing project. Officers exited their department car to make further inquiry of the suspects when one fled inside. Officers followed this suspect inside where he was located with a firearm. Suspect, Maurice Pridgett, 25 of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Trespassing. Dog Missing After B&E in Dorchester Last night at 6:49pm, officers from District 11 responded to 109 Adams Street in Dorchester on a report of a Breaking and Entering. The victim reported to police that an unknown person broke into her basement and stole her dog "DJ" a brown Bichon Frise valued at about $1,000.00. Officers observed damage to her doorframe; the suspects and dog remain at large.