Preventing Residential Burglaries

One of the more consistent concerns that we hear from City residents is the fear of burglaries. The Boston Herald today ran a story highlighting some of the more recent burglaries in the city. The Boston Globe also recently ran a story highlighting the fact that the number of burglaries has decreased so far in 2006. Both stories are noteworthy for the attention they bring to what is ultimately a very preventable crime. As noted in one of the above stories, enhanced vigilance by residents is a factor in reducing the number of residential burglaries.This is especially important in the fall, when thousands of newly-arrived students move into the city. Many of these students are not used to living in a large city where it is necessary to lock their apartment doors and windows. The advice we always offer residents is simple but effective: Lock your doors, lock your windows, and get to know your neighbors. Most thieves are opportunists - they look for the easiest target, and will often move on if they find a house or an apartment that they consider to be too secure. View a Tip Sheet listing the seven things you can do to secure your home against burglaries. (a PDF document prepared by officers in District A-1)