Mayor Menino officially announces the appointment of Ed Davis as Boston Police Commissioner

"Mayor Thomas M. Menino today announced that Edward F. Davis, III will be the Commissioner of the Boston Police Department. For the past 12 years, Davis, 50, has been the Superintendent of Police in Lowell, Massachusetts, the Commonwealth’s fourth largest city. His appointment as Boston Police Commissioner will be effective December 1, 2006. View the full City of Boston Press releaseBelow are the comments delivered by incoming Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis at today's press conference.

Thank you, Mayor, for entrusting me with the awesome responsibility of leading this great and historic police department, the first organized police department in the country. I want to thank my wife Jane and my 3 children for their love and support. I want to thank the city of Lowell, and my colleagues in the Lowell Police Department for giving me the privilege of serving with such top notch individuals. Lowell has molded my commitment to neighborhoods, and I will always be thankful for my experiences there. It is a true honor to accept this prestigious position. I am thrilled to combine my experiences in Lowell with the strong tradition of the Boston Police Department to make a positive difference in our neighborhoods, especially those most affected by crime. I am committed to having a highly visible force and increasing community trust in the police because I believe in the enormous power of citizens to impact crime and crime reduction strategies. I am also dedicated to working with n hood residents and creating strong relationships with citizen groups and community organizations to prevent crime. Our success in Lowell was rooted in collaboration, and I intend on utilizing that same approach here in this city. I am proud to hail from a family of police. I know the needs of police officers on the street and I am going to provide them the tools they need and facilitate an environment that allows us to create successful crime preventions strategies, based on innovation and data. Earlier today I met with some members of the Boston Police Department. I told them that as leader of this Department, I will speak on our officers’ behalf publicly, and with our Mayor so that we can accomplish our mission successfully. I also said that I am humbled to be in their company, and I look forward to working closely in partnership with them in the coming months. I believe prevention to be the main obligation of police officers in uniform. We have a fundamental responsibility to prevent crime in this city, and I believe the best way to do that is by working in collaboration with our citizens. I’m excited to start work here. And I am eager to team up with the community to build strong partnerships to make Boston a safer city. Thank you