Update to Evidence Audit

As press reports today indicated, I recently initiated a routine audit of the central drug depository due to the sheer scope and volume of the evidence maintained there. The audit revealed some discrepancies, which caused me concern. I have since requested that the Superintendent of the Bureau of Internal Investigations, Robert Harrington, utilize the Boston Police Anti-Corruption Unit to commence a full and thorough investigation of the inventory. This investigation is in its preliminary stages as there is an extensive amount of information to review. At this time, I will not compromise the integrity of the investigation by engaging in speculation related to its outcome. The department will go where the evidence takes us and the findings will be presented upon completion. If misconduct is discovered, it will be dealt with swiftly, forcefully and aggressively.As Acting Police Commissioner and former Superintendent of the Bureau of Internal Investigations, I embrace and encourage the necessity of an effective internal investigative function. A department dedicated to preventing and when necessary uncovering intentional police misconduct is crucial to the establishment of an effective, credible and trustworthy police force. This department will not stand for officers who undermine public confidence at the expense of the many who do their jobs courageously every single day. The Boston Police Department is steadfast in ensuring that ‘police’ and ‘integrity’ are synonymous terms. – Acting Police Commissioner Albert E. Goslin