IACP Launches Identity Theft Web Site

While in Boston last week, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, in partnership with Bank of America, launched a new Web site designed to help fight identity theft (www.IDSafety.org)

"The first step in the project is the launch of a comprehensive Web site, www.IDSafety.org, designed to help both consumer and law enforcement officials prevent and report identity crime, investigate the perpetrators, and respond effectively to victims... The IACP and Bank of America formed this partnership because responding to identity crimes poses a significant challenge to consumers, financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies. All too often, victims of identity crime are uncertain about the steps they should take if they suspect or discover identity crime. A report from the Federal Trade Commission found that in 2005, barely one-third of identity crime victims contacted police to report their losses." From the Press Release.

View the site. The site Includes a listing of steps you can take if you are a victim