Two Arrested in East Boston and Charged with 62 Counts of Larceny

At about 5:11pm, officers assigned to District 7 in East Boston responded to a radio call to investigate two men going door to door asking residents for monetary donations. The officers located and spoke with a victim on Havre Street who stated the two men entered her apartment and told her they were collecting money for the Manchester Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty last week. The victim gave the men, who identified themselves as Massachusetts State Troopers, an undisclosed amount of U.S. Currency and left the area. The victim provided a detailed description of the two men, which was broadcast, to the officers patrolling in District 7. Officers located two men fitting the description of the two men, one hiding between cars, at Marion and Paris Streets. Officers conducted a threshold inquiry and discovered evidence on the two men linking them to the crime. The victim was transported to the area where she positively identified both suspects.Further investigation revealed that the two men were in possession of U.S. Currency and checks made out to the Massachusetts State Police. A notebook was also found in the suspect’s possession that contained the names, addresses and donation amounts from 62 people. Police arrested Ricardo Acevedo, 40, and Ralph Gaskell, 54, both of East Boston. The suspects will be arraigned on Monday morning at the East Boston District Court where they will be charged with Impersonating a Police Officer, Larceny by False Pretenses, and Entry by False Pretences. People that feel they have been the victim of these suspects are urged to contact the District 7 Detectives at 617-343-4220.