The Boston Police Department is pleased to announce that it has expanded, Citizen Observer, the Boston Police Alert Network, to include all 11 Districts. Initially released as a pilot in three districts, C-6 (South Boston), C-11 (Dorchester), and B-2 (Roxbury), Citizen Observer has proven to be an effective communication tool for the Boston Police.Acting Boston Police Commissioner Albert E. Goslin stated, “Good communication between law enforcement and the community is an essential element to keeping our city safe.” Commissioner Goslin added, “I am so pleased to be able to expand this public safety service to neighborhoods across the city. I urge all community members to join the Citizen Alert Network to receive important public safety information and timely news alerts.” The Alert Network allows police to instantly update registered users about crime, emergencies and other important information. Information on fugitives, missing persons and unsolved cases is also provided on alerts. There will also be a “Submit a Tip” feature on alerts allowing people to directly reply to police with tips and other information. Residents need to register online to receive these alerts. People can register at and click on the Sign Up Now link. This service offers four types of alerts: · Citizen Alerts – informs all registered users of a public safety concerns. Police will provide descriptions of incidents, actions taken and photographs when possible. Alerts will be delivered via e-mail and text messages; · Business Alerts – targeted to specific business types, so businesses will receive information relevant to their business. Alerts will be delivered via fax, e-mail and text messages; · Case Alerts – Police will automatically send information about open cases to all registered users. Alerts will be delivered via e-mail and text messages; · Neighborhood Watch Group Alerts – Police will send targeted alerts to specific neighborhoods with information about crimes in the immediate area. Alerts will be delivered via e-mail and text message. In September, the BPD asked the public for their feedback on the service via an online survey and the results showed the public’s support. When asked which alerts are most important, the following were the top five in order: House Break-In, Mugging, Sexual Assaults, Drug Dealing, and Homicide. Actual Comments from Survey: · I think it's good to know what is going on in the community. I've found the service to be very worthwhile. · It is extremely helpful to transmit accurate and useful information from the source on a timely basis. I have children that range in age from 6 to 14 years of age. These alerts provide me with information that could possibly help my kids from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If nothing else these alerts help me to be aware of situations that I may not have known about at all. · It lets you know what is going on around you so you can take appropriate measures. It also makes you feel more connected with the police department. Survey Requests and feedback: · I get alerts for other communities other than mine in South Boston. I'm not really concerned with these so if you could tailor it so that only alerts for your area are received that would be great. BPD RESPONSE - Functionality has been built in to send to Alerts to specific zip codes. Those living and working in South Boston can expect to only receive alerts specific for Zip Codes in South Boston. Alerts may be sent citywide when a citywide response is necessary. · Have more targeted areas that one could sign up for. There should be a way to sign up for specific neighborhoods like the South End. BPD RESPONSE - Citizen Observer is now available in all districts. · Post the numbers of ways to report drug dealings and other problems. BPD RESPONSE – Citizen Observer Users have been trained to "inform and educate." Alerts will include facts about what happened and educate the public on what they can do to help and protect themselves and each other, and provide information back to BPD. · I'd like to receive alerts via RSS. BPD RESPONSE – RSS feeds are now available via .