Shooting Incident at 249 Washington Street

This morning around 3:08am, officers from District 11 responded to 247 Washington St. for a fight outside that location. On arrival, officers encountered several suspects engaged in an exchange of gunfire. A discharge of firearm by an officer occurred in response to the suspects’ gunfire. The suspects fled in response to police presence and several were believed to have entered a nearby residence. Responding units recovered three firearms and requested the Entry and Apprehension Unit. The Entry Team responded and entered 249 Washington St. to search for suspects who may have fled inside. As a precautionary measure, several nearby residents were evacuated to ensure their safety prior to officers entering that location to look for the suspects. It is unclear at this time whether any victims were hit as a result of the gunfire. Several individuals are currently being interviewed in relation to this incident to determine the facts of this incident. The Boston Police Firearm Discharge Investigative Team is investigating this incident. Further details will be provided as they become available.