Today at approximately 12:40pm, the Boston Police Department (BPD) received notification that East Boston was experiencing a temporary interruption in 911 emergency services due to Verizon technical issues. As a result, BPD coordinated efforts with the City of Boston to quickly address this issue. Emergency service was soon restored.The following measures were taken: · Largely increased patrol vehicles throughout the community. · Deployed numerous police resources from citywide locations to East Boston. · Assigned Community Service officers to check in with neighbors and pay phones to investigate extent of interruption. · Coordinated with all concurrent jurisdiction agencies including the MBTA Police, MA State Police, Massport Police, EMS and Boston Fire Department to unify a response. · Developed a media response for distribution instructing residents on what to do when in need of emergency service. In this particular incident, residents would be advised to use a cell phone to dial 911, which would go directly to the State Police. From a residential or business phone, individuals could also dial 617-343-4911, which will reach a BPD operator directly. From a residential or business phone, residents could also call District 7 directly at 617-343-4220.