Today the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced the indictment of Edgardo Rodriguez. At this time, Rodriguez has been suspended without pay from the Department. Through our continued federal partnerships and their willingness to support the Boston Police, we were able to cooperatively conduct a thorough and exhaustive investigation, resulting in today’s indictment.In late July of 2006 following a joint investigation, three Boston Police officers were indicted for various offenses. As promised, we continue to work aggressively to uncover any form of criminal activity that may be conducted by members of this Department, sworn or civilian. Today’s announcement by the U.S. Attorney is an indication of those efforts. This Department is committed to detecting, exposing and identifying any involvement in illegal substances, including steroids. In addition to our current policies and procedures relevant to substance abuse, I have instructed the Bureau of Internal Investigations to develop and conduct extensive training for all Boston Police supervisors to better enable them to detect, expose and identify illegal substance abuse. It is a sad time for the department when an officer chooses to betray the trust and authority of his sworn duty. While unfortunately a select few have violated that trust, the remainder of the men and women of this department serve our citizens with honor and integrity everyday. The Boston Police Department will not stand for anyone who does not uphold their oath of office.