Daily Incidents for January 29, 2007

Robbery on E. Newton About 6:53 PM on Sunday 01/28/07 Officers received a call for a robbery at 34 E Newton St. Upon arriving at the scene, they found a victim who stated that while walking to her car when two suspects came up from behind her and knocked her to the ground. The two suspects, described as wearing dark clothing and hoods, punched, stole her backpack and fled toward E. Newton and Harrison Avenue. Approximately 18 minutes later, officers spoke with a second victim who stated that he was walking on East Concord Street when he was accosted by two suspects. One of the suspects punched him in the nose and grabbed him in a choke hold. The suspects then took the victim's wallet and fled on foot. Security personnel at Boston Medical Center observed two individuals fitting the suspect’s descriptions walking through BMC. Upon being approached by security, the suspects fled toward Massachusetts Avenue with BMC security in pursuit. The officers were joined by Boston Police officers, and one of the suspects, Leon Williams, 21, of Boston, was stopped at Mass Avenue and placed under arrest for receiving stolen property, assault and battery, and unarmed robbery. Property belonging to both victims was recovered by BMC security personnel. Armed Robbery Arrest Officers received a call for an armed robbery in progress at the 140 N. Beacon Street, Brighton. Arriving at the store, officers interviewed witnesses who stated that a white male entered the store and approached the counter displaying a silver hand gun. The suspect then fled the store on foot running toward Market Street. A short time later, an officer observed a white male, later identified as Brian Hurley, 25, of Brighton, walking in his direction. As soon as Mr. Hurley spotted the officer, he ran into 518 Western Avenue. When he emerged a few moments later the officer questioned him and, for the safety of other conducted a search of the suspect’s backpack. A handgun was recovered during this search. Hurley was arrested and charged with armed robbery Nasty Neighbor About 7:00 PM hours on 1/27/07, a telephone complaint was made to District 4. The caller stated that while sitting in her car on Warren Avenue, she observed a young man walking his dog. When he failed to clean up after the dog, she asked the young man to clean after his dog. The man left only to return five minutes later, whereupon he advanced towards her car and started shouting and yelling profanities. He went on to declare that he lives in a home valued above $1 million, and that he was offended at the apparent lack of a Resident Parking Sticker on the victim’s vehicle. Caller states that he then started banging on her window and kicked the tires of her car and challenged her to get out of the car and fight him. Caller states that she did not accept his challenge and instead told him to feel free to call the police. When asked where he lived, he did not answer and left.