ARMED ROBBERY SUSPECT APPREHENDEDAbout 1:36am, February 6, 2007, officers from District 13 responded to a radio call for an armed robbery at the corner of Heath Street and Schiller Street in Jamaica Plain. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the victim, a delivery driver who stated he was stopped at a red light when an individual approached his truck, opened the passenger side door and jumped into his truck. The suspect then pointed a small black handgun at the victim and yelled, “Give me all your money!” Victim quickly complied with the suspect’s demands. After taking the victim’s money, the suspect then ran into a nearby apartment building. Officers entered the building and located the suspect on the 2nd floor. The suspect was then brought back to the scene of the robbery where the victim positively identified him. Suspect, Randell K. Johnson, 19, of Jamaica Plain placed under arrest and charged with armed robbery. DANGEROUS DRIVER LOCKED UP ONCE AGAIN About 4:00pm yesterday, February 5, 2007, officers in District 13 observed a motor vehicle driving erratically. First, the motor vehicle came to an abrupt stop in front of the officers’ marked cruiser. After the abrupt stop, the officers then observed the suspect put his motor vehicle into reverse, crossing over the middle of the street, before coming to rest, facing in the wrong direction on the other side of the street. At this point, officers activated their emergency equipment (lights and sirens), pulled over the suspect motor vehicle and approached the driver. To their surprise, officers observed habitual traffic offender Arthur Burke, 48, of Jamaica Plain, sitting in the driver’s seat. Burke has a lifetime revocation on his Massachusetts drivers’ license. In fact, the revocation dates back to 1985. Burke was then placed under arrest for operating without a license. In addition to being arrested, Burke was issued several citations for the following offenses: Failing to keep right of the centerline, Improper passing, Backing against traffic on a two way street, Operating a motor vehicle on a public way, with a revoked license, Operating an unregistered motor vehicle on a public way and Operating an uninsured motor vehicle on a public way. ALL FOR A SLICE OF PIZZA About 3:30pm yesterday, February 5, 2007, officers in District 4 responded to a radio call for a woman stealing a slice of pizza from the Shaw’s Supermarket in the Back Bay. While en route to the scene, officers were told the slice-stealing suspect was fleeing the store with security officials from Shaw’s in hot pursuit. Officers then observed the suspect, Shannon Welch, 39, of Boston, running down Commonwealth Ave. Welch was then placed under arrest and charged with Shoplifting. Earlier in the day, Welch had got into a physical confrontation with security officials at the same store after stealing a bottle of liquor. ILLEGAL PARKER AND RUDE TO BOOT About 4:30pm on February 5, 2007, officers from District 2, observed a motor vehicle double-parked on Washington Street in Roxbury. The motor vehicle was clearly obstructing and disrupting the flow of traffic. So, officers approached the car and asked a female sitting in the passenger seat if she could move the car. The female passenger told officers she didn’t have a license. At this point, officers began writing a citation. During the issuance of the citation, the driver of the motor vehicle returned to his car. As he entered the car, officers informed him that a parking citation was being issued. Upon hearing the news, the operator of the vehicle, David Sosa, 22, of Dorchester, slammed shut the car door and yelled, “I can go back into the store then.” Officers then told Sosa that would not be a good idea and if he chose to go back inside the store, they would have no choice but to tow his car. At this point, Sosa jumped back inside his car and then proceeded to rev his car forward several car lengths into an open parking space. In doing so, Sosa loudly screeched tires on this motor vehicle. Sosa then jumped out his car and yelled at the officers, “What’s your problem?” During this time, pedestrians and shopkeepers began to take notice of disturbance. Sosa was then placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct.