APPREHENDED FOR SHOPLIFTINGOn Wednesday, February 7, 2007, at about 2:10pm, officers in District A-1 on-sited a larceny in progress in the area of Washington Street in Boston. While patrolling the area, officers observed a white female, holding 5 handbags, running down the street. Officers then saw another individual chasing her. According to officers, the individual giving chase was yelling, “Don’t take those.” At this point officers quickly joined in the pursuit. While pursuing the suspect, officers saw the suspect drop all 5 of the bags. The bags, valued at $461.00, were then recovered. The suspect, Brandie Connor, 23, of Revere, was then arrested and charged with Shoplifting ($200.00 over). APPREHENDED FOR PASSING A BAD CHECK On Wednesday, February 7, 2007, at about 2:19pm, officers from District E-5 responded to a radio call for a larceny in progress at the Bank of America at 29 Corinth Street in Roslindale. On arrival, officers spoke to bank officials who stated the suspect, Sulaiman Kamara, 24, of Mattapan, was attempting to cash $3,000.00 worth of Visa Travelers Checks. After a call to Visa security, bank officials learned that the checks in question were counterfeit. Kumara was then arrested and charged with Possession of False Notes and the Uttering of False Writings. APPREHENDED FOR ARMED ROBBERY On Wednesday, February 7, 2007, at about 9:20pm, officers from District D-4 spoke to a victim who stated he had just been robbed by 3 black males who then fled down West Newton Street towards Tremont Street. According to the victim, one of the suspects asked him for a cigarette and then flashed a knife and told him to hand over all his money. The victim further stated that the suspect then reached into his pocket and took all of his cash. Officers then broadcast a description of the suspect over Channel 4. A short time later, an individual fitting the description was located not too far from the crime scene. The individual was then positively identified by the victim. The suspect, Warren Bradford Honeycutt, 28, of Boston, was then arrested and charged with Armed Robbery.