Boston Police Warn Public About Fundraising Scams

The Boston Police Department warn citizens to beware of scam artists who solicit money over the phone or claim to represent various charities. Recently Boston Police were made aware of several incidents, which included fraudulent solicitation of funds. Police would like to take this opportunity to provide community members with crime prevention tips to help individuals avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Individuals are reminded to immediately contact your local police district if you believe you have experienced a dishonest solicitation.Incident Details · March 9, 2006, officers in District 4 received numerous complaints from citizens and merchants that a male was perpetrating a scam under the pretense of collecting money for Breast Cancer awareness. The suspect had a black binder, sponsor sheets and pamphlets for a Breast Cancer organization. Police arrested this suspect. · November 10, 2006, officers in District 4 observed a male in conversations with two individuals. The male was holding a clipboard and blocking their passageway. Officers retrieved the clipboard, which contained Breast Cancer awareness materials. Also found were personal checks made out to cancer organizations. It was determined that the suspect was not a true representative of any charitable organization and was in fact seeking to commit fraud. · January 20, 2007, a victim reports to police that a suspect out on the street stated he needed a sponsor for a Breast Cancer charitable event. The victim stated the suspect had a binder with personal checks. The victim gave the suspect money and the suspect went into a nearby convenience store and purchased scratch tickets with the money he received. Police arrested this suspect. The incidents described above are a few examples of con artists preying on unsuspecting victims. Please follow the below tips to avoid becoming a victim of unlawful solicitation. Genuine organizations that seek donations will be able to quickly provide you with valid proof of their legitimacy. Crime Prevention Tips Ø Use extreme caution should you decide to contribute. Always ask for the caller’s name, address and telephone number so that you may call them back after careful consideration. Do not be fooled by callers who represent themselves as solicitors for local charities or police departments. Ø Do not give your social security number to anyone either over the telephone or Internet Ø Do not give out credit card numbers or personal financial information over the telephone or Internet unless you are the one that initiated the transaction and know the source to be reputable. Ø Report all fraudulent solicitations to 911 or contact your local police district