Daily Incidents for February 21, 2007

RIGHT CARD .. WRONG NAMEAbout 1:35pm, on Tuesday, February 20, 2007, officers from District A-1 observed an individual fitting the description of person wanted in connection with a shoplifting incident that had taken place earlier in the day at the CVS on Boylston Street. Officers then approached the suspect and asked him if he had been at the CVS earlier in the day. Suspect confirmed that he had been. Suspect then told officers he had tried to use a credit card to pay for some items, but, he couldn’t remember the pin. At this point, officers asked the suspect to produce the credit card. When officers looked at the credit card, they noticed the name on the card was different from that of the suspect’s. CVS security officials then positively identified the suspect as the individual who tried to use the credit card. Officers then arrested Terrance Brown, 42, of Dorchester, and charged him with Receiving and Uttering a Stolen Credit Card. BEING RUDE NEVER A GOOD THING About 3:56pm, on Tuesday, February 20, 2007, officers from District A-1 observed an individual, wanted for questioning, in front of 39Tibbets Town Way in Charlestown. When officers approached the individual, the individual became angry and screamed, “This is my neighborhood.” The individual’s mother then told officers, “he gets like this .. he’s out of control when he drinks too much.” As the suspect continued yelling at the offiicers, a large crowd began to gather. At this point, officers then asked the suspect to lower his voice and relax. To which, the suspect responded,“You relax .. you (expletive)!” Officers then arrested Sean Gould, 18, of Charlestown and charged him with Disorderly Conduct. ARRESTS MADE FOR UNARMED ROBBERY About 10:34pm, on Tuesday, on February 20, 2007, officers from District A-1 responded to a radio call for a robbery in progress in the Public Gardens. On arrival officers spoke to the victim who stated that, while walking thru the park, he was attacked by several asian males and one asian female. Victim further told officers that the group knocked him down, kicked him while he was on the ground and then stole his wallet. A description of the suspects was then broadcast over Channel 1 of the police radio. Officers soon observed three individuals fitting the description given out over the radio. When officers approached the suspects, one of the suspects attempted to run off. The victim was then brought back to the scene where he positively identified the suspects. Officers then arrested Hui Yi, 17, of Charlestown, a 15 year-old male from Dorchester and a 15 year-old female from Malden and charged all three with Unarmed Robbery.