Boston Police Media Relations has received numerous inquiries seeking reaction from Commissioner Davis related to Reverend Bruce Wall’s recent declarations and also on today’s report regarding the Guardian Angels.In response, Commissioner Davis would like to issue the following statements: It is clear that Reverend Bruce Wall is experiencing some of the same frustrations that we as a police agency are also experiencing. The theory of flooding neighborhoods as an occupying force is counter-productive to our relationship with community members. Over the past several months we have made encouraging progress in our efforts to stem firearm violence. Currently statistics demonstrate that non-fatal shootings have decreased by 25-30%. Although I recognize that is of no comfort to families of homicide victims, I am confident that our ceaseless efforts and sustained programs are working to address a long-range problem. We will continue to work closely with clergy members, community residents and our officers to develop trust and communication, to enhance public safety and to protect quality of life throughout the city of Boston. I applaud volunteerism and engaged citizens who seek to assist the Boston Police in our efforts to keep our city safe. The Boston Police Department, through community policing, is dedicated to collaborating with local community organizations, clergy, neighborhood activists, and our many crime watch groups to address the issues related to crime and public safety. The Guardian Angels have been told to consult with Boston Police District Captains to inquire about ways they can be of assistance, as we would advise any citizen who requests to participate in public safety efforts.