Quick Thinking Officers Save Life of Suicidal VictimAt approximately 6:20pm yesterday, Saturday, March 7, 2007, officers from District 4 responded to the Hilton Hotel located at 40 Dalton St. in the South End for a “jumper,” a person attempting to jump off the roof in an attempt to take his life. On arrival officers were directed to the roof where they observed the victim standing dangerously close to the edge of the roof. Officers immediately engaged the victim in conversation in an attempt to keep him from jumping off the roof. During the conversation, officers made note of the victim’s state of mind decided to use a ruse to remove the victim from the edge of the roof before he could jump. Officers then, during the conversation with the victim, offered him a business card. The victim reached for the card and was immediately converged upon by officers who quickly removed him from the edge of the roof and secured him from being able to take his life. The victim, having been prevented from injuring himself or taking his life, was subsequently transported to the hospital for evaluation by EMTs. “Grey Goose” Lands Suspect in the Slammer About 12:51am this morning officers from District 6 (South Boston) responded to 332 West Broadway in South Boston for an assault in battery in progress. On arrival officers spoke to with the victim who reported that he was assaulted by a customer who threw a bottle of “Grey Goose” at him cutting him. The victim directed officers to a parked car still occupied by the suspect. Officers then arrested suspect, Hakim R. Johnson, 26, of Providence, R.I., and charged him with assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon. Officers, based on further investigation, learned that the suspect had come in the bar with alcohol purchased from elsewhere, and had entered the bathroom to consume the alcohol. The suspects were caught and asked to leave when they started making threats and became assaultive throwing punches at customers and employees. The suspect, eventually threw the bottle of “Grey Goose” at the victim before leaving. Officers Alerted to Breaking and Entering in Progress by Passerby This morning at about 4:15am, officers from District 14 arrested suspect, Travis Tuplin, 43, of Boston and charged him with Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime. Officers, on patrol in the area of Scotsfield St. and Commonwealth Ave. were alerted by a passerby who told them that someone had just smashed the window of the Brookline Liquors located at 1354 Commonwealth Ave. and ran inside the store. Officers immediately responded to the store and observed the front window/door to be broken with a large concrete block next to the window. The inside glass also appeared to have been forced open also. As officers were on scene they observed the suspect exiting the inside door and trying to climb through the front broken window. The suspect was placed under arrest after numerous commands by officers to drop items in his hands, that he initially ignored. Officers recovered, from amongst the items the suspect had in his hands, several bottles of alcohol taken from the store.