ARRESTED FOR BEING DISORDERLYAt about 10:53 am, on Monday, April 9, 2007,officers performing a paid detail on District D-14 (Brighton) observed a white non-Hispanic male walking towards a construction sight at the intersection of Lincoln and Franklin Streets. Specifically, the individual was walking towards a recently dug out four foot trench. As a result, officers attempted to get the individual’s attention so as to make him aware of the hole. Officers finally did get the attention of the individual. However, as they were directing the individual to a safer location, the individual turned towards officers and yelled, “A**hole!” In addition to swearing at the officers, the individual then turned toward the officers and proceeded to make several (hand made) exaggerated stroking motions in the area of his genitals. Another individual, walking near the suspect, observed the gesture and was clearly offended. Officers then approached the suspect to question him about his behavior. When they did, the suspect became verbally abusive. Officers then arrested Simon Cooper, 26, of Allston and charged him with being a Disorderly Person. DISORDER IN THE COURT At about 4:13pm, on Monday, April 9, 2007, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to Dorchester District Court for a person disrupting the courtroom. On arrival, officers spoke to court officers who stated that the suspect began yelling and screaming profanities in the courtroom. According to the court officers, the suspect began her tirade after hearing her boyfriend’s bail set by the judge. The suspect was then ordered out of the courtroom. Officers then arrested Alexis Bransfield, 20, of Rockland and charged her with the Disruption of Court Proceedings.