House Sitter Given a Place to Stay- For the NightYesterday, officers from District 6 (South Boston) arrested James Flaherty, 17, of South Boston and charged him with Minor in Possession of Alcohol, and Procuring Alcohol for a Minor. Officers initially responded to 65 I St. in South Boston to investigate a premise. There, officers spoke to the suspect who reported that he along with his friends were house sitting for his aunt. While there, officers noticed several other teenagers in the house along with numerous bottles of empty alcohol containers. Officers spoke to the owner of the house by telephone and learned that she had not given the suspect permission to have other people in her house but had left him to house sit. Officers further learned from other witnesses that the suspect had been “partying since the owner of the house left.” The suspect was arrested and the other parties turned over to their parents. Be Wary of Free Junk Cars About 6:52PM on Saturday, April 14, 2007, officers from District 18 (Hyde Park) responded to 92 Radcliffe Rd. for a larceny in progress. On arrival officers spoke to the callers who reported that as they drove by the above listed address they observed a tow truck in the driveway towing a car from the driveway. The callers had knowledge that no one was authorized to be in the driveway nor tow any car from there. The callers confronted the tow truck driver who reported to them that he had been called there by an unknown person to tow the car, and when he arrived there was a sign on the car stating “free junk car.” The tow truck called someone on his phone who stated that he had called the tow truck driver but refused to provide any further information. Officers then spoke to the owner of the car who reported that he had not given anyone permission to tow his car. The tow truck driver, Lionel Occeus, 48, of Hyde Park was arrested and charged with Attempted Larceny of a Motor Vehicle, and Trespassing. Three Suspects Arrested for Armed Robbery At approximately 9:55PM yesterday, April 14, 2007, officers from District 6 (South Boston) arrested suspect, Francisco Moro, 17, of South Boston along with two 14- year-old suspects from South Boston and charged them with Armed Robbery. Officers first responded to the intersection of Boston and Dorchester Streets for an armed robbery. On arrival officers spoke to the victim who told officers that he had just been robbed at gunpoint and gave a description of the four suspects. While additional officers were responding to the scene, three individuals were observed matching the suspects’ description in close proximity to the location of the armed robbery. During that stop, officers observed the suspects to be sweating and out of breath, and further search of the suspects revealed them to be in possession of the type of masks the victim described was worn by the suspects. During a pat frisk of the suspects, officers discovered one of them to be in possession of a replica firearm, and the victim’s cell phone. The victim was brought back to the scene and positively identified all three suspects. The victim reported that he was approached by the suspects as he was walking over the bridge on Boston St. coming from Andrew Station. According to the victim, the suspects approached him, punched and demanded his cell phone while brandishing a handgun. The victim reported that another one of the suspects threatened to stab him so he handed over his cell phone to the suspects. The fourth suspects, the one armed with the knife, then noticed that the suspect had another phone and attempted to rob him of that phone but the victim refused and the suspect fled. B&E Suspect Comes Back to Scene of Past Crime and Is Arrested Today, April 15, 2007 officers from District 14 (Allston/Brighton) responded to 526 Beacon St for a report of a breaking and entering in progress. On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who directed officers to the basement. There, officers observed the suspect who was being detained by occupants of the house. Further conversation with the victim revealed that the same suspect had broken into their house on 2/18/07, but fled prior to police arrival. The suspect, Charles Roderick, 42, of Chestnut Hill was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering. Suspect Arrested for Kidnapping at South Station This morning at 4:42AM, officers from District 1 responded to South Station to meet a victim. On arrival, the victim reported to officers that the suspect had gone inside South Station after forcing him to drive him there and threatening his life. Per victim, the suspect forced him to drive him to South Station in order to leave town and evade multiple outstanding warrants. Officers entered South Station and located the suspect and placed him under arrest. Further conversation with the victim revealed that the suspect, whom he employs, was very violent with him and pushed him threatening to beat him if he did not drive him to train station. Once at the train station, according to the victim, the suspect forced him to purchase a ticket for him after telling him he knew where his father lived, and indicated he could hurt his father and had hurt other people in the past. The suspect, Christopher Palermo, 30, of Pittsburg, NH was arrested and charged with Kidnapping, Unlawfully Carrying a Dangerous Weapon, and several outstanding warrants from Gloucester District Court.