Daily Incidents For August 3, 2007

Two Arrested On Firearm ChargesLast night at 8:33pm, members of the Youth Violence Strike Force were on patrol in the River Street Area. Officers observed a group inside of Ryan’s Park. Officers approached a group and observed a male rolling what officers believed to be a “blunt”. Officers confiscated the “blunt” from the suspect’s hand. As officers began a pat the front of the suspects’ waistband area, the officer immediately felt a metallic object, which he believed to be a firearm. The suspect grabbed the officer’s hand and attempted to remove the firearm. Christopher Henry 18, of Mattapan was arrested and charged with Possession of a Loaded Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B, Possession of Class B, Possession of Class D and Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D. Also arrested was Dominick Hazelwood, 17, of Mattapan was arrested and charged with Assault by means of a Dangerous Weapon (Gun), Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest and Trespassing Four Arrested For Tagging This morning at 1:04am, officers from District E-18 responded to 55 Woodglen Road for a group spray painting graffiti. On arrival, officers observed four males in front of 55 Woodglen Road. Officers observed red and black graffiti on the sidewalk, wall and light pole surrounding 55 Woodglen Road. Officers could smell an odor of fresh paint. While conducting the threshold inquiry one of the suspects attempted to run but was quickly apprehended by the police. Four Hyde Park residence were arrested Christopher Quintana, 20, Freddy Pizzaro, 17 and a 14-year-old juvenile male were charged with Destruction of Injury of Personal Property and Damage to Property by Graffiti/Tagging. Patrick Rosenfield, 19 was arrested and charged with Destruction of Injury of Personal Property, Damage to Property by Graffiti/Tagging and Resisting Arrest. Two Arrested After Assault This morning around 2:36am, officers from District D-14 responded to a radio call for a fight at Commonwealth Avenue and Washington Street. Officers were informed that the suspects had entered an address on Washington Street. On arrival, officers spoke with the taxi driver who stated that he was transporting both suspects to Commonwealth Avenue and Washington Street and as he was asking for payment both suspect become violent. The victim stated that the suspects grabbed him and dragged him out of his taxicab when the second suspect jumped into the drivers seat and tried to drive the taxicab away. At that time the victim jumped in and removed the keys from the ignition. The victim further stated that while down on the ground both suspects were kicking him before they fled on foot. The victim provides officers with a description of the suspects. A white male wearing shorts and a light colored shirt and the female was wearing a flowered dress. As officers approached the address on Washington Street they observed a female exiting the building. The female did not fit the description but told officers that she observed two individuals on the fourth floor that fit the suspect’s description. Officers proceeded to the fourth floor and observed one of the suspects standing in an open doorway of an apartment. The victim positively identified both suspects. Tyler Kanaval, 23 and Michelle Mikalsen, 18, both of Brighton were arrested and charged with Armed Robbery, Assault and Battery by means of a Dangerous Weapon and Assault and Battery. The victim declined medical attention. Officers were able to recover the victim’s cell phone but none of the cash.