Daily Incidents For September 1, 2007

Fan Runs Across The Field And Gets ArrestedLast night at 10:32pm, officers from District D-4 while assigned to the Red Sox detail at Fenway Park were called to Gate D to arrest an individual for running onto the field during the game. Officers were informed that the suspect had jumped over the fence on the third base line while the Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles were playing. The suspect then ran toward third base where he was subdued by Fenway Security personnel and police. Jameson Arsenault, 22, of Northfield was arrested and charged with Disturbing A Public Assembly. Suspect Arrested After Armed Robbery Last night at 10:54pm, officers from District B-2 were flagged down on Huntington Avenue of a report of a large fight at 820 Huntington Avenue. Officers observed a group of individuals who stated that they were just assaulted by a group of three black males on foot and four to five males that jumped out of a black vehicle. The victim’s stated that the three black males fled on Huntington Avenue towards Brigham Circle. The first suspect was described as wearing a blue t-shirt, second suspect was wearing a white t-shirt and the third suspect was wearing a black t-shirt. The first victim stated that the suspect wearing the blue shirt had a gun and stole his car keys, cell phone and faceplate to his car radio. The second victim stated she was punched by one of the suspects. The third victim stated she was struck with a bottle thrown by the suspect wearing a black shirt. The fourth victim stated she was slapped by one of the suspects. Officers observed a black male wearing a blue t-shirt running on Mission Park Drive. Officers apprehended the suspect at 3 Kempton Street under a set of stairs. The victim positively identified the suspect. Officers recovered the victim’s keys from the suspect. Officers searched the area and were able to recover the victim’s phone and faceplate. Akeem Effee, 23, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Armed Robbery and Assault and Battery. Officers were unable to locate the firearm. No direction, flight or plate number was given for the black vehicle. Person Stabbed In Roxbury This morning at 12:21am, officers from District B-2 responded to a radio call for a man and a woman involved in a fight at the intersection of Cedar Street and Juniper Street. On arrival, officers were unable to locate anyone at that location. Officers were updated that to a possible location of Dale Street and Washington Street, but once again officers did not locate anyone at that location. Officers were patrolling in the area of Regent Street on foot in an attempt to locate the arguing party. At that time a female ran up to the officers and stated that there was a man on the ground on the side of 116 Regent Street. Officers located a 36-year-old male suffering from multiple stab wounds. The female reported to officers that she was arguing with her husband and further stated that three black male approached her and offered to walk her to the bus stop. She stated that an argument ensued and that the males stabbed the victim. The victim was transported to Boston Medical and is in stable condition.