Greed Doesn’t Get You Anywhere … But JailToday, Thursday, September 06, 2007 around 8:00am, members of the Boston Police Special Investigations Unit arrested Phyllis McLaughlin-Shann, 38, of Readville and charged her with Larceny Over $250.00. The suspect was arrested after an investigation revealed that while working at a bank she made up or altered numerous bank transactions at her place of employment and transferred large sums of money into her own bank account. B& E M/V Suspect Arrested with Help of Detail Officer This morning at 8:51am officers from District A-1 responded to a call for two males trying breaking into a car at 112 Fulton Street. A description of the suspects was given to assist officers in locating the suspects. The responding officers to the area were unable to find the suspects when they were notified by a detail officer that the suspects were possibly in the area of Lewis Street. Officers responded to the area of Lewis and North Streets and there observed an individual matching the description of one of the suspects leaning on a wall several feet from a parked motor vehicle. Officers approached the parked car and there observed an individual bent over in the passenger side of the car. Coincidentally, while both suspects were stopped, the owner of the vehicle approached the car and was asked by officers if he knew either of the two stopped individuals and if he had given them permission to be in his car. The owner of the car answered no to both questions. Suspects, Jeffrey S. Curry, 20, of Charlestown, and Max M. Degrandis, 17, of Boston were arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle, Possession of Burglarious Tools, and Receiving Stolen Property when several items found on their person were positively identified by the owners of the car. Two for the Price of One Around 10:23am today officers from District D-4 arrested Michael Tabb, 39, of Boston after observed him operating a stolen motor vehicle in the area of Windsor St. and Shawmut Avenue. Officers pulled him over and questioned him as to how he came to be in custody of the car. Initially the suspect stated that it was his car, and then he stated that he borrowed the car from the owner. When the suspect was asked the owner’s name the suspect then stated “O.K. I took the vehicle!” Officers recovered two City of Boston Parking Violations from the suspect, one for the car he was driving and another for another stolen vehicle nearby. The suspect was arrested and charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle without Being Licensed, and Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle. Road Rage Incident Leads to Arrest At approximately 10:30am today, September 6, 2007, the victim of a “road rage” incident walked into District D-14 to report that the driver of the other vehicle had flashed a gun at him during an exchange of words. The victim stated that he was cut off by the operator of another vehicle while driving and called the number listed on the side of the truck to complain. The victim reported that the operator of the other vehicle answered the complaint line number on the truck and they exchanged some harsh words before he hung up. The victim reported that both cars continued to travel next to each other and when they stopped at a light at Market St. and Washington St. continued to exchange words. It was during this exchange that the victim reported that the operator of the other vehicle showed the victim a handgun and “racked it.” A description of the suspect ’s motor vehicle along with the suspect was broadcast by the officer at the front desk, and a short while later the vehicle was observed traveling on Beacon St. and stopped by other officers. The victim responded to the scene and positively identified the motor vehicle and its driver. Suspect, Freddy Gerard, 51, of Watertown was arrested and charged with Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (Gun) and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. Officers were unable to locate the described weapon when the suspect was stopped.