B&E Suspects Arrested with the “Goods”Yesterday, Thursday, October 18, 2007 officers from District 3 responded to the area of 16 Old Road in Dorchester for two males breaking into a car. En route, officers were updated with a description of the suspects and their direction of flight. Officers responded to the area and located two individuals in the area of 600 Blue Hill Ave. when they observed two individuals matching the suspects’ description, one of who was holding a camera inspecting it. Officers stopped these two individuals, and conducted a “pat frisk” and recovered an assortment of burglarious tools, and items stolen from the car including a car stereo, and the camera that the suspects were inspecting. Officers arrested suspects, Corey L. Jamison, 30, of Dorchester and Israel A. Reyes, 24, of Dorchester and charged them Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle, Possession of Burglarious Tools, and Buying, Receiving and/or Concealing Stolen Goods. In addition to the above noted charges, both suspects had outstanding warrants for their arrest. Neighbors Band Together to Fight Crime Last night around 7:02pm, officers from District E-5 responded to a radio call at Fairview St. and Robert St. for an attempted robbery where the suspect was being restrained by neighbors. Officers arrived on-scene and observed numerous people surrounding the suspect. Officers spoke to the victim who reported that she was walking home on Robert St. when the suspect who was dressed in all black came from an unknown direction, and attempted to forcibly take her bag. The victim stated that she refused to release her bag and started yelling drawing the attention of two individuals who were at the gas station at Robert St. and Fairview Street. The suspect fled when the victim started yelling and fled down the street in an attempt to make good his escape. The suspect was pursued by the two individuals who were at the gas station and caught at the Fallon Field located at Fairview St. and So. Walter Street. Per witnesses, the suspect started yelling that he had not taken anything and was only 15 once he was caught by the two individuals who were at the gas station. Officers arrested a 15 year-old male from Roslindale and charged him with Unarmed Robbery while Masked. “Operation Squeeze” Cleans Blue Hill Avenue Last night, Thursday, October 18, 2007, officers from District B-2 conducted “Operation Squeeze” in response to community complaints of prostitution in the area and the associated problems that accompany the prostitution. Officers dressed in plain-clothes were approached and solicited by the below noted individuals to engage in a number of sexual acts leading to their arrest. 1. Dorothy H. Villines, 56, of Roxbury charged with Soliciting Sex for a Fee. 2. Joanna M. Hernandez, 30, of Roxbury charged with Soliciting Sex for a Fee. 3. Tomorraw Clark, 25, of Boston charged with Soliciting Sex for a Fee. 4. Jodi M. Block, 37, of Roxbury charged with Soliciting Sex for a Fee. 5. Kristine L. Colleary, 30 of Dorchester charged with Soliciting Sex for a Fee. 6. Gisele Murphy, 26, of Roxbury charged with Soliciting Sex for a Fee. Negligent Operation Leads to Firearm Recovery At approximately 1:03am today, officers at District A-7 on patrol observed a motor vehicle being operated negligent in the area of Saratoga and Chelsea Streets. The vehicle was operated in such a manner that it almost struck the officers marked patrol car as it traveled on Chelsea Street. The officers conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Chelsea St. and Shelby Street. On coming to a complete stop officers made observation that the driver was shifting around and observed his right shoulder drop for several seconds before they approached. During the stop officers detected a strong odor of marijuana, and made note that the occupants were acting nervously. Based on the all the aforementioned behavior and actions, officers removed all occupants from the car to conduct a protective sweep. During the sweep, officers discovered a fully loaded semi-automatic firearm tucked under the driver seat, along with an amount of marijuana. Officers recovered the gun and arrested suspect, Corey A. Crump, 31, of East Boston and charged him with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Possession of a Firearm with a Defaced Serial Number, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and Possession of Class D. The suspect was also charged with Speeding. Late Night Ride Lands Suspect in Jail This morning round 3:37am, officers from District E-5 responded to the area of Stimson St. and for a male riding a bicycle acting suspiciously. Officers searched the area and soon located an individual matching the suspect description near the intersection of Stimson and Washington Streets. During questioning, the suspect stated that he was just our for a late night ride. Officers queried this individual and discovered that he had an active warrant, and subsequent search of his backpack revealed him to be in possession of several burglarious tools including a punch probe, gloves and a flashlight. Suspect, James Stallings, 50, of Roxbury was arrested and charged with Possession of Burglarious Tools and an outstanding warrant.