Mayor Thomas Menino and Boston Police Commissioner Ed DavisEncourage Revelers To Celebrate Responsibly It is exciting news that the Boston Red Sox will play the Cleveland Indians at Fenway Park tonight at 8:00pm It is no doubt a time for celebration throughout the City. Mayor Menino and Commissioner Davis would like to take this opportunity to remind sports fans to celebrate responsibly to ensure a safe and trouble free environment. The Boston Police Department will significantly increase patrols in and around Fenway Park. The Boston Police will restrict access to Fenway Park at the beginning of the 7th inning. If you do not have a ticket or are not already inside an establishment, you will not be able to gain access to Fenway Park or the adjacent area. If you are a ticket holder and choose to exit the park at the 7th inning, you will not be able to return. The City has had extensive communications with local Universities related to student behavior. Any student arrested will not only face criminal charges, but will also be subject to penalties imposed by their University. We would like to take this opportunity to reach out to parents and ask them to touch base with their sons or daughters who may be headed into the Fenway area this evening. We would ask that you remind them to celebrate responsibly. The department asks that revelers obey police instructions and if asked to leave an area, please do so peacefully. Police will employ extensive use of video in areas surrounding the park. The BPD Unified Command Center will also be monitoring surveillance cameras throughout the evening at police headquarters. The Boston Police Department will strictly enforcing compliance to all alcohol laws. Officers will be conducting walk throughs of bars and city streets especially in areas highly populated with college students. Our intent is to encourage people to celebrate responsibly and to adhere strictly to all alcohol laws. In addition, officers are working cooperatively with liquor establishments to be sure alcohol laws are strictly enforced. Public drinking will not be tolerated. Taxis and public transportation offer inexpensive and smart alternatives to drinking and driving. Please take advantage of them. A designated driver is also an alternative. DUI enforcement will be a priority and we will have officers on duty focused specifically on this effort. Do not ruin your celebration by hurting yourself or others. Be prepared for delays when exiting the area post-game. The City is also cheering for the Red Sox and hopes for the win! However, our prime focus is that all sports fans enjoy the game and that the City is peaceful and without incident. We will not allow a few excessive revelers to ruin the evening for other fans. We are prepared to take any means necessary to ensure this. Have fun and be safe!