ONE ARRESTED FOR TRESPASSING At about 11:30pm, on Sunday, October 21, 2007, officers, assigned in and around Fenway Park for purposes of crowd control, were approached by employees of the Cask-n-Flagon sports bar at the corner of Lansdowne Street and Brookline Avenue. According to the employees, a customer was refusing to pay his bill. Officers observed that the customer appeared to be heavily intoxicated. In the presence of the officers, the customer was told by bar employees to leave the establishment. Officers further warned the individual that if he returned to the establishment, he would be subject to arrest for trespassing. Approximately 25 minutes later, the individual returned to the establishment. Officers, not only observed his return, but they also observed the suspect take a swing at an employee of the bar. As a result of his actions, Christopher Irving, 27, of Malden was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct. POLICE ARREST THREE FOR REFUSING TO DISPERSE At about 12:15am, on Monday, October 22, 2007, officers, assigned in and around Fenway Park for the purposes of crowd control, observed a large group (approximately 300 people) disrupting the flow of traffic on Commonwealth Avenue. Officers ordered the crowd to disperse numerous times. After approximately 30 minutes, motorcycle officers were deployed for the purpose of clearing the street. In the process of clearing the street, officers observed 3 individuals who refused to comply and vacate the area. As officers approached, the 3 individuals refused to move and continued to block traffic. Officers arrested Benjamin Barber, 21, of Jamestown, RI; Thomas Hobbs, 22, of Burlington; Jack Hamblet, 21, of Saugus Town, RI and charged all with Disorderly Conduct.