MOTOR VEHICLE STOP LANDS FOUR IN CUSTODY FOR ROBBING THE PIZZA DELIVERY GUYAt about 7:17pm, on Thursday, January 3, 2008, officers from Area B-3 (Mattapan) observed a motor vehicle make an illegal turn in the area of Old Road in Dorchester. As a result, officers activated their emergency equipment (lights & sirens) and stopped the motor vehicle. As officers were approaching the car, officers observed the occupants of the motor vehicle moving in such a way as to suggest they were attempting to hide something. Fearing the presence of a weapon, officers directed all of the occupants to exit the motor vehicle. Once the car was empty, officers conducted a search of the vehicle. While searching the car, officers located a thermal container, the kind used in the delivery of pizza. In fact, the container had food in it. When asked how they came into possession of the container, all of the occupants provided different explanations. One of the occupants stated, “We got the pizza from the pizza guy at the pizza store.” Another occupant stated, “We got lucky and found the food.” Given the discrepancies in the stories, officers radioed operations to ask if there had been any recent reports of a pizza delivery person being robbed. Officers were informed that there had, in fact, been a robbery of a pizza delivery person in the area of 2 Browning Avenue. According to the victim, he went to 2 Browning Avenue to deliver food. When he got to the address, three individuals surrounded him and demanded money. After handing his thermal pizza container to one of the suspects, the victim says he fled the scene. Officers then arrested Desmond Tyler, 19, of Randolph, Brandon MacKenzie Geese, 19, of Dorchester, Neru Cloyd, 19, of Dorchester, Quintin Johnson, 17, of Randolph and charged all four with Unarmed Robbery. Officers also recovered a cell phone. When officers checked the call history for recently made calls, officers observed 2 calls made to the victim’s pizza shop. THIS STUDENT GETS AN ‘F’ FOR CONDUCT At about 12:03pm, on Thursday, January 3, 2008, officers assigned to the Grover Cleveland Middle School observed a student walking the hallways without a hall pass. When officers told the student that he needed to get to class, the student became verbally abusive. When officers told the student that his inappropriate behavior needed to improve, the student continued to yell and scream at the officers. Specifically, the student stated, “You can’t just show up here and start running things like you own the place.” When the disruptive student’s behavior showed no signs of improvement, officers arrested a 14 year-old male from Dorchester and charged him with Disturbing a School Assembly.