PRESCRIPTIONLESS PILLS NEVER A GOOD THINGAbout 9:04pm, on Thursday, February 14, 2008, officers from Area C-11 (Dorchester) observed a motor vehicle fail to stop for a red light at the intersection of Bowdoin and Quincy Streets. As a result, officers activated their emergency equipment (lights & sirens) and stopped the motor vehicle. When officers approached the motor vehicle, the operator of the motor vehicle told officers that he was in possession of a firearm. According to the operator, the firearm was lying under the front seat of the car. At this point, officers asked the operator to exit the motor vehicle. After securing the firearm, officers asked the individual if he was in possession of a license to carry a firearm. The operator was able to produce a license to carry. A search of the operator produced what appeared to be a crack pipe. When asked if the object was a crack pipe, the suspect stated, ”Yes, but, it hasn’t been used yet.” Officers also observed, on the floor of the car, a folded piece of paper with a powdery white substance on it. When asked about the powdery white substance, the operator stated, “That’s how I carry my pills to work. I have two pills on me right now.” The suspect then produced two circular white pills. According to the suspect, the pills were Ritalin. When asked if he had a prescription, the suspect stated, “No.” Officers arrested Gregory Nathan, 30, of Norwood and charged him with Possession of Class E Drugs and the Possession of Class E Drugs Without a Prescription. CAR BREAK LANDS TWO IN CUSTODY At about 12:38am, on Thursday, February 14, 2008, officers from Area E-13 (Jamaica Plain) responded to a radio call for two individuals breaking into a motor vehicle in the area of 81 Walnut Park in Roxbury. While en route to the call, a description of the suspects was broadcast over Channel 4 of the police radio. In short time, officers located two individuals matching the description of the suspects. While the suspects were being detained, the witness was brought to the scene where he was able to positively identify the suspects. In the area where the suspects were found standing, officers recovered a screwdriver, needle nose pliers and a car radio minus its faceplate. Officers arrested David Sosa, 23, of Roxbury and Rafael Guzman, 17, of Roxbury and charged both with Breaking & Entering a Motor Vehicle (Nighttime). ONE PERSON’S ART IS ANOTHER PERSON’S GRAFFITI At about 4:18pm, on Thursday, February 14, 2008, officers from Area A-1 (Downtown) received a radio call to investigate a group of people defacing a statue in the area of the Boston Common. While en route to the call, a description of the suspects was broadcast over Channel 1 of the police radio. On arrival, officers observed three individuals matching the description of the suspects. As officers were approaching the individuals, the individuals attempted to walk away. After stopping the suspects, officers noted that the one of the suspects had red ink on his hand. The ink on the individual’s hand matched the graffiti ink on the monument. When officers asked the suspect if he was responsible for the graffiti on the monument, the suspect replied, “Yeah, but I didn’t know it was wrong.” Officers arrested Ahmad Elawad, 18, of Roslindale and charged him with Vandalism (Graffiti). While further inspecting the graffiti, officers observed the following item written in black ink, “Monika was here 33.” Since one of the suspects was named Monika, officers asked if she was responsible for writing her name on the monument. The suspect stated, "No. I didn’t.” However, witnesses stated otherwise. In fact, two witnesses stated that they observed her marking up the monument. Officers arrested Monica Sfarif-Eldin, 18, of East Boston and charged her with Vandalism (Graffiti). During the booking process, Sfarif-Eldin told officers, "I saw writing on it [monument] so I thought you could write on it."