Search Warrant Yields Drugs and GunsAt about 11:55am yesterday, officers from the District B-2 armed with a search warrant responded to 109 Alban Street in Dorchester to execute the warrant. The warrant was issued by Dorchester District Court after an extensive investigation lead officers to believe that a known occupant was dealing drugs out of that location. Armed with the search warrant and an arrest warrant, officers secured the individual who was suspected of dealing drugs from that apartment, Shawn Matthew Larts, 39, of Dorchester. Officers entered the apartment and pursuant to execution of the warrant recovered the following items: 1. 118 grams of cocaine 2. Five bags of marijuana 3. $5, 345.00 US currency seized 4. A 40 caliber Sig-Sauer semi-automatic firearm 5. One digital scale 6. Baking soda 7. Plastic bags used to package drugs 8. Two high capacity .40 caliber magazines 9. One ammunition clip with 10 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition 10. Twenty three .22 caliber rounds of ammunition 11. Twenty four .40 caliber rounds of ammunition The suspect, Shawn Matthew Larts, 39, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Trafficking Cocaine Over 100 Grams, Possession of Class D with Intent to Distribute, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and Unlawful Possession of High Capacity Feeding Device. Good Samaritan and Detail Officer Help Arrest Suspect Yesterday, Wednesday, March 12, 2008, around 1:34pm, a detail officer performing a detail at the intersection of Arlington St. and Boylston St. arrested suspect, Ronald Harris, 46, of Mattapan charging him with larceny from a Person. The incident originated when the victim observed the suspect inside her place of employment at 376 Boylston Street. The victim made note of the suspect, and realized that he did not work there, nor was he a customer. The victim then looked in her pocketbook and realized that her purse which had been inside her purse was now gone. The victim, feeling that the victim may be responsible for her missing purse, asked him if she could check his bag for her wallet. As soon as the victim directed her attention to the victim and asked him about her purse, he took off running. A witness who was nearby, and heard what the victim had asked the suspect followed him as he fled the building. While being followed, and before exiting the building, the suspect discarded the victim’s purse. The witness continued to follow the suspect as he fled the scene and the detail officer observing the witness chasing the suspect, assumed the chase, pursued the suspect and caught him. Additional units thereafter responded and transported the suspect to District 4 for booking. The victim recovered her purse at the door of the building with all its contents intact. Just Pay Your Fare This morning around 1:45am, a cab driver flagged own officers from District 1 (Downtown and Charlestown) in the area of Kneeland St. and Boylston Street. Officers went to the cab driver and spoke to him and learned that the passenger was refusing to pay her fare. Officers spoke to the cab driver and he explained that he only wanted to get paid for the fare and wished no further action. Officers ascertained the identity of the passenger and learned that she was wanted on two outstanding warrants. The suspect, Mary Mojave, 47, of Cambridge was arrested on the two warrants, one for Operating After Revocation or Suspension, and another for Operating Unregistered Motor Vehicle. At the booking desk, officers discovered that the suspect was in possession of prescription drugs not prescribed to her. She was subsequently charged with Possession of Class E.