THE VICTIM WAS FOUND LAST NIGHT, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 2008 AROUND 11PM THANKS TO AN ALERT CITIZEN.At approximately 2:30pm today, Wednesday, March 26, 2008, the victim was visiting the Boston Public Library in Copley Square with a group of other special needs individuals when he wandered from the group and never returned. The victim has very limited mental capacity and is mute. Victim: Name: Clinton Forbes Age: 45 years old Race: Black Non-Hispanic Height: 5”8” Weight: 180 Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Complexion: Medium Brown Picture1.png The victim, when last seen, was wearing a blue zip-up jacket, brown sweat-suit, and gray sneakers. The victim also wears a silver bracelet from the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital with his name on it. If anyone saw this victim or comes in contact with him, please call 911 or District D-4 detectives at (617) 343-5619. THE VICTIM WAS FOUND IN CANTON LAST NIGHT THANKS TO AN ALERT CITIZEN.