PRE-MARATHON CEREMONY TO HONOR CHILDREN OF NEW HAMPSHIRE OFFICER WOUNDED IN IRAQWHO: Mayor Thomas M. Menino, Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis, Family of Chief Jose Pequeno of the Sugar Hill Police Department (New Hampshire), Boston Police Marathon Team, Los Angeles Police Marathon Team, members of Operation Progress WHAT: Members from both the LAPD and BPD Marathon Teams, with donations provided by Operation Progress, will present scholarship checks to the children of Chief Jose Pequeno. Chief Pequeno, a Sergeant in the National Guard, was seriously injured serving his country in Iraq. While on patrol in Ramadi in May of 2006, Chief Pequeno sustained severe head trauma when a roadside bomb struck his Humvee. As a result of the accident, Chief Pequeno is presently being treated at the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC. Operation Progress was founded in 2000 by a group of LAPD officers assigned to the Youth Violence Strike Force. Since its creation, Operation Progress has awarded numerous scholarships to high school students in both Los Angeles and Boston. Members of both the LAPD and BPD Marathon Teams will be running this year’s race to raise donations for Operation Progress. WHERE: Boston Police Headquarters: Boston Police Memorial located at the corner of Tremont and Ruggles Streets. WHEN: Sunday, April 20, 2008 @ 2:00pm