Detail Officer Prevents Bad Situation From Getting WorseYesterday around 4:30PM, a detail officers performing a detail at the corner of Washington and School Streets was approached by a passerby who told him that an individual was trying to steal some money and the PIN number to an ATM card from another individual in front of the Borders Book Store on Washington Street. The detail officer quickly responded to the front of the bookstore while broadcasting the information that he had just received via the police radio. On arrival, officers observed the described suspect sitting on a bench with the victim. As officers approached the suspect, he stated, “Oh boy, we are in trouble!” Officers interviewed the two individuals and while interviewing the suspect noted that the suspect had an ATM card in his hand, which was in the name of the victim. Officers learned from the victim that the suspect was “trying to do bad things to him and that he had taken his watch.” Officers noticed that the suspect was wearing a watch, and when he was questioned about where he got it and other basic information about the watch could not answer any questions. After further inquiry of both parties, officers placed the suspect, Frank Hall, 45, of Malden under arrest and charged him with Larceny from a Person. Warrant Arrest Leads to Recovery of Firearm Around 10:07PM last night, officers from District E-13 (Jamaica Plain and Roxbury) responded to 19 Westminster St. in Roxbury relative to a call placed to 911 reporting that a named individual in apartment 4 had a warrant. Check of the individual’s Board of Probation (BOP) record confirmed that the named person indeed had two outstanding warrants, one for Burglary and the other for Possession of Class B. Officers responded to the above location and were allowed entry by residents, one of whom was the 911 caller. On initial entry into the suspect’s apartment, officers observed the suspect run out of his room with a pit bull dog and run back in when he saw officers. Due to the presence of the dog, officers were kept from immediately apprehending the suspect. Officers, outside the apartment, observed the suspect first try to elude capture by trying to climb out of his bedroom window but climb back in upon seeing officers. Officers, inside the apartment, then observed the suspect run down a rear stairwell into a basement. From there, the suspect fled out of a basement door where he was caught after a brief foot chase. The suspect after being apprehended was transported to the district station for booking. While at the stain being booked, offices sought and received permission from the tenants of record of the apartment, the suspect’s family to search his room after being lead to believe that the suspect may be in possession of contraband. During a search of the suspect’s room, officers recovered items consistent with drug dealing and a loaded firearm. The suspect, Javier Rodriguez, 19, of Roxbury was then additionally charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and Resisting Arrest in addition to the above noted warrants for which he was arrested. Right Place, Right Time Leads to Recovery of Firearm and Arrest of Suspect Last night around 10:55PM, a canine officer was in the area of Humboldt Ave. and Seaver St. inside Franklin Park when he heard what sounded like two loud gunshots in the immediate area. The officer notified Operations and was informed that the ShotSpotter system had also detected the same. After notifying Operations, the officer then observed two individuals walking from the same direction that the gunshots had been heard. As the officer watched the two, he heard one of them exclaim, “That !$#* was loud! Pow-Pow!” The officer continued to observe the two individuals as they walked across Seaver St. and as they walked onto Humboldt Ave. the officer observed one of the two place something in a trash barrel. Responding units shortly thereafter stopped the two individuals and detained them pending further investigation of the incident. Officers then went to the trash barrel and recovered a loaded firearm. A thermal imaging gun was used and determined that the gun was very recently discarded as it still emanated heat. The suspect who had been seen discarding the gun, Joseph N. Rivera, 18, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Discharging a Firearm within 500’ of a Dwelling, and Possession of Class D for marijuana found on his person after arrest.