Arson Suspect ArrestedAround 5:57PM last night, officers from District B-3 (Dorchester and Mattapan) responded to 15 Abbott St. for a house fire. On arrival, Fire Department personnel directed officers to a suspect who had admitted to setting the fire. Officers located this individual and spoke to him. The suspect before being addresses by officers stated, “I was wrong!” Officers noticing suspect’s appearance and speech asked him if he had been drinking which he admitted by telling officers that he and some friends had been drinking. The suspect when on to tell officers that he and some friends had been drinking when he realized that his gold chain was missing. The suspect told officers that he believed that his friend with whom he had been drinking stole his chain and he demanded that it be given back to him. The suspect reported that he left when his friend denied taking his chain. During further investigation, officers learned that the suspect left the house at 15 Abbott St., went to a gas station and purchased some gasoline. After purchasing the gas, officers learned that the suspect came back with the gas can, poured gas on the front porch of the building and ignited a fire. Several witnesses reported to officers that they observed the suspect igniting fire, and even after the fire was put out, stated that the suspect kept trying to re-ignite the fire. Prior to the suspect lighting the fire, witnesses reported hearing him state that he would burn down the building if he did not get his chain back. The suspect, Horace O. White, 55, of Roxbury was arrested and charged with Arson of a Dwelling. After the suspect was arrested, officers recovered the gas can he used as well as the lighter. Reading is Fundamental to B&E Suspect Yesterday evening around 8:45pm, officers from District D-14 assisted by the District D-14 Drug Control Unit arrested suspect, Martin Blaine, 41, of Boston and charged him with Attempted Breaking and Entering and Trespassing. Around 8:34am, officers from District D-14 (Allston and Brighton) responded to 300 North Harvard St. for a breaking and entering in progress: a described suspect trying to kick in the window to the Boston Public Library located at the above. On arrival, officers conducted a search of the exterior of the library for the suspect and damage to the library door. As officers were performing the search of the outside of the library, and traveled to the rear of the building, they observed the suspect getting on a bicycle trying to ride away from the building. The suspect was stopped to conduct a threshold inquiry and until further investigation could be made of the incident. During further investigation, officers spoke to witnesses who reported that they observed the suspect drinking beer in the rear of the building before he incident and later saw him attempting to kick in the ear plate glass window of the library. In addition to witness testimony, officers observed footprints matching suspect’s shoes on the window. Suspect Arrested for Assault on Homeless Man About 9:52pm last night, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston and Charlestown) were on patrol in the area of New Sudbury and Cambridge Streets when they approached by a passerby witness who reported that he had just observed two males assaulting a homeless man near the Verizon building. Officers immediately responded to the front of the Verizon building, and there found the victim who was bleeding from the back of his head, and from his forehead. In addition, the victim had bruising around his eyes, and had a sneaker footprint on his forehead. An ambulance was immediately requested to the scene to attend to his injuries. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, officers spoke to the victim who provided officers the name of his assailant. The witness who had informed officers of the assault also provided officers with a description of the suspect and his companion. The victim was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital by ambulance with non-life threatening injuries. Officers searched the area for the suspect after the victim was transported to the hospital and located him on Cambridge St. going into a liquor store. The suspect, Richard Knox, 40, of Lynn was arrested and charged with Assault and Battery, and Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon.