On Wednesday, July 23, 2008 at approximately 8:12pm, the Boston Police Drug Control Unit along with the Massachusetts State Police were conducting an undercover drug bust in East Boston. Based on intelligence received, officers made contact with the suspects of the investigation and arranged to purchase a quantity of heroin at a predetermined location in East Boston.State Police troopers and Boston Police officers proceeded to Saratoga St & Chelsea St where the suspects were observed conducting a drug transaction with a Cooperating Witness (CW). The CW was spotted in the rear seat of the vehicle, when the front seat passenger, identified as Ariel Lara Aguavivas, removed a plastic bag of suspected heroin from his mouth and handed it to the driver, identified as Jorge Ortiz Lara. The CW in the back seat then handed money to the driver, Lara, who then handed the plastic bag of heroin to the individual in the back seat. At that time, undercover officers requested a marked unit to conduct a motor vehicle stop. A marked unit pulled the suspect vehicle over to the side of the road at 158 Princeton St. When the marked unit stopped the suspect vehicle, the CW in the back seat exited the suspect vehicle and a detective recovered the recently purchased plastic bag of heroine. Officers from the Drug Control Unit approached the suspect vehicle, with their badges clearly displayed and identified themselves as Boston Police. The front driver and passenger door were locked and the suspects refused to open them despite the officers repeated verbal commands to do so. The passenger was observed by officers to ingest items, which the officers believed to be consistent with drugs. An officer was able to gain entry to the vehicle through the passenger side rear door and attempted to restrain the passenger, Ariel Lara Aguavivas. Suspect Aguavivas violently resisted. At that time, the officer’s department firearm was discharged. Aguavivas suffered from a gunshot wound to the right chest area. He was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital where he was treated and released. As a precaution, two Boston Police officers were transported to Boston Medical Center. The suspects charged in this incident include: Jorge Luis Ortiz Lara, 22, of Palmer, MA. He is charged with Distribution of Class A, Distribution of Class A Drugs within 1,000ft of a School Zone and Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws. Also arrested was Ariel Lara Aguasiva, 18, of Jamaica Plain. He was charged with Distribution of Class A, Distribution of Class A Drugs within 1,000ft of a School Zone and Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest. The incident is being investigated by the Boston Police Firearm Discharge Investigation Team. Two officers are currently out injured as a result of the incident.