CAR STOPPED FOR SPEEDING LANDS THREE IN POLICE CUSTODYAt about 2:48am, on Friday, October 17, 2008, officers from Area C-11 (Dorchester) were on patrol in the area of Vassar and Washington Streets when they observed a motor vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. Officers activated their emergency equipment (lights & sirens) and stopped the motor vehicle. While approaching the motor vehicle, officers observed two open containers of alcohol (Corona Beer) situated in the center console. When officers asked the operator of the motor vehicle to produce his license and registration, the driver refused. In light of the operator’s refusal to comply with a lawful request, officers asked the operator to exit the motor vehicle. As the operator was exiting the car, the passenger (Suspect #2) jumped out of the car and yelled, ”Why are you (expletive) with my brother?” While officers were dealing with Suspects #1 and #2, a 2nd motor vehicle arrived on the scene. Once on the scene, the operator (Suspect #3) of the 2nd car exited his motor vehicle and began verbally abusing the officers. In short time, Suspect #3 began to push and shove the officers. Officers arrested Aaron Jones, 28, of Boston, Dwayne Jones, 30, of Boston, Johnny Hodges, 22, of Boston and charged all three with Resisting Arrest and Assault & Battery on a Police Officer. ARMED ROBBER ARRESTED IN THE SOUTH END At about 1:38am, on Friday, October 17, 2008, officers from Area D-4 (South End) responded to a radio call for the report of an armed robbery in the area of Boylston and Clarendon Streets. On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who stated that he was walking down the street when four black males approached him and asked for directions. According to the victim, before he could answer, one of the four individuals, pointed to his waist in such a way as to suggest he had a firearm and demanded his phone and money. Victim says he did as he was told and handed over his money and phone. Officers promptly broadcast a description of the suspects over the police radio. Approximately an hour later, officers located four individuals who matched the description of the suspects. Upon approaching the suspects, officers noted that all four appeared to be highly uneasy and nervous. While the suspects were being detained, the victim was brought to the scene. Once on scene, the victim was able to positively identify only the suspect who stated that he had a weapon. Officers arrested Reginald Milton, 20, of Hyde Park and charged him with Armed Robbery. FRESHLY POURED CEMENT NO PLACE FOR DRAWING At about 1:30pm, on Friday, October 17, 2008, officers from Area B-3 (Mattapan) were on patrol in the area of 154 Washington Street when they observed an individual doing damage to city property. Specifically, officers observed the suspect engraving various shapes and designs into freshly poured cement. The cement had been recently poured to complete the construction of a sidewalk. Officers arrested Denise Baskin, 43, of Boston and charged her with the Malicious Destruction of Property. The suspect was transported to Area B-3 for booking.