Disco Lights and Loud Music a No Go!Yesterday morning around 1:30PM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to 88 Fisher Ave. in Mission Hill for a call for a loud party. On arrival, officers observed disco lights flashing through the windows, heard loud music, and also heard someone yelling, “Who’s got the buds?” Officers responded to the apartment with the noise and there met with the resident of the apartment. Officers advised the tenant that the party was disturbing her neighbors, and the partygoers were going to have to leave the party. The tenant, then despite the officer’s orders, attempted to close the door and go back in the apartment, telling officers that she would turn down the music. Officers then told the tenant that the partygoers had to be dispersed and entered the party to assist in the process. At this time, the tenant followed the officers and started screaming and yelling calling them derogatory names. The tenant continued to rant and rave despite having been warned of possibly being placed under arrest for Keeper of a Disorderly. The tenant having failed to abide by the officers orders, and refusing to disperse the party was told that she would be placed under arrest. As the tenant was being placed under arrest, she attempted to flee from officers but was restrained and placed under arrest. After the suspect was placed under arrest, a fellow partygoer became upset, charged at officers and attempted to stop them from taking the tenant away. Suspect, Monique Snee, 22, of Roxbury was arrested and charged with Keeper of a Disorderly House and Resisting Arrest while suspect, Kelly Harrington, 19, of Malden was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest. ATF Training Leads to Firearm Recovery Last night around 11:59PM, officers from the Youth Violence Task Force (Gang Unit) arrested suspect, Dallas Devoe, 17, of Dorchester and charged him with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm with an Altered, Unlawful Possession of a Large Capacity Feeding Device and Carrying a Loaded Firearm. Officers were on patrol in the area of Fields Corner when they observed two individuals walking on Dorchester Ave. near the Tedeschi’s Market located at 1428 Dorchester Avenue. Officers observed the two individuals and made note of certain characteristics of an armed gunmen exhibited by one of the two. That individual was holding his right hand tightly against his midsection, consistent with someone with someone attempting to conceal a gun. Officers approached the two individuals, they both appeared to very nervous, and one stood in a “bladed stance” with the right side away from officers as officers approached them. Officers neared the suspect and initiated a conversation during which one suspect constantly looked around as if looking for an escape route. Based on the officers’ and training experience, and what they had observed of the suspect, they decided to conduct a pat frisk of the suspect. Officers decided to conduct a pat frisk of the suspect, and while conducting the pat frisk officers felt what they knew to be the handle of a firearm. The suspect was then restrained and a firearm recovered from his waist. Wall Provides No Cover for Armed Robbery Suspect This morning around 3:36AM, officers from District D-4 (South End) responded to the intersection of Washington and East Berkeley Streets for an armed robbery. On arrival, officers were flagged down by the victim and told that he had been robbed at knifepoint and that the suspects had fled and were hiding in a parking lot on Washington St. on Mullens Way. The suspect further explained to officers that he was sleeping on a bench at the MBTA stop located on Washington near Berkeley Streets when the suspects approached him. The victim reported one of the two suspects was wielding a knife while the other grabbed him by the jacket. The victim, startled by the event, jumped and ran out of his jacket, which the suspects took. The suspects then chased the victim until he lost them. Officers responded to the area that the victim reported that the suspects had fled, and there found both suspects hiding behind a wall. Officers there recovered from the suspects the victim’s jacket and arrested the two suspects. Suspects, Jesus R. Quintero, 32, and Carlos Fuente-Lopez, 29, both of Boston were arrested and charged with Armed Robbery.